3 Problems Caused By Clogged Gutters

For many homeowners, the issue of clogged gutters isn’t often taken seriously. However, clogged gutters may develop into a huge problem which can drive the cost of roofing maintenance up, and also create a series of health hazards that may be difficult to deal with.

For instance, some of the solid debris that has accumulated in a gutter may contaminate the rainwater harvested, and health hazards can arise if such water is used for domestic purposes.

The many problems that are associated with clogged gutters can be kept in check, and that is only possible if a homeowner takes the time to remove any solid debris that may have ended up on a roof. Here are some common problems that are linked to clogged gutters.

Here are the 3 Problems Caused By Clogged Gutters

1. Roof Damage

Excess presence of solid may cause harvested rainwater to spill into other roofing components such as corrugated iron sheets, wood structure, and some of the water can find itself on walls. Water speeds up rusting process of iron sheets, and that means that a roof with clogged gutter may not survive its projected lifespan. Besides, water also accelerates rotting of wood, and with time a roofing system may lose much of its structural strength. Rusting iron sheets and rotting wood may mean a costly roof repair costs, and in some instances, a complete overhaul may be the only viable solution, an even more costly situation.

2. Weakening walls

Some of the water spilling from a gutter may seep into the wall, and with time create structural cracks that may end up weakening the whole foundation system of a building. Walls are designed not to have too much contact with water. However, a clogged gutter creates a path through which spilling water gets to be in contact with a wall. The development of the cracks often takes place at a slow place, and much of the damage is usually felt when the effects of the water seepage seem to be irreparable. The water may also wash off paintings on a wall, and leave an eyesore that can reduce a building’s aesthetic value.

3. Damage to housing foundation

For many homeowners, it can be difficult to connect any correlation between water spilling from a gutter and house’s foundation system. Water spilling from a gutter does end up on the wall, and finally the structural foundation. Accumulation of water in the foundation can lead to cracks, position shifts, and worse of all; a slow sinking of the housing foundation. Bringing such as house into its right structural strength may turn out to be a nightmare, and that is why it pays a lot if gutters are ever clear of any excessive solid debris accumulation.


Most of the time homeowners are thinking of roof renovations, much of the focus is often on leakages, wood structure and the overall strength of a roof. Gutters rarely get the attention. However, it turns out that clogged gutters can bring un-imagined levels of destruction to a house roofing system and other vital components. The best way to stay safe is by regularly clearing the gutter of any debris. It is simple. You only need a ladder and human vision to identify and remove the solids from the gutter. If you don’t want to do this yourself, then get a quote and let us take care of it for you.

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