Can You Clean Gutters With A Leaf Blower?

Cleaning out gutters is something that should be done regularly. While we always think of the ladder cleaning method as the other choice, there are numerous methods to clean out the gutters. One that’s not as common, but works just as well, is gutter cleaning with leaf blowers. A leaf blower or a shop vac will be able to suck up leaves or blow them out of the gutters easily, so it’s no wonder this method is used by some who want the job to go by quickly!

Gutter Cleaning with Leaf Blowers

Want to know more? Here’s what you need to know about gutter cleaning with leaf blowers:

gutter cleaning leaf blower– Is it easier than regular cleaning?

While it’s hard to say it’s easier or harder, it does take less time than manually scooping out the whole gutter system. It could be considered harder for some people, because you’ll need to climb up the ladder with a leaf blower, or else use a long pole attachment from the ground. With limited arm strength, this would be harder than the normal methods.

– Is it safe?

As long as you use the right safety precautions and dress appropriately, it’s safe to clean your gutters with a leaf blower. There is no reason to be afraid of this any more than you would be of normal gutter cleaning methods.

– How do you set up your leaf blower?

That depends on how you want to do the cleaning. If you want to clean from the ground, you’ll need a long pole attachment that’s rigid from the ground to the gutters and turns at least 90 degrees to form an angle on the top. The pole should ultimately face downwards into the gutters, so that you can turn on the leaf blower and push everything out from the ground.

Alternatively, you can carry a small leaf blower up the ladder with you. Make sure you’re maintaining a good grip on the ladder, and that the leaf blower is not too heavy to use in one hand.

It’s a good idea to put an attachment on the leaf blower that will make the air shoot out from a narrow tube. This will concentrate the flow of air and make it easier to blow leaves out of the gutters and away from the house.

– Can you clean the downspouts with a leaf blower?leaf blower attachments

The short answer is yes. But, you may need a special attachment to make it possible. You can flush out a downspout with your leaf blower by concentrating the air flow through the top of the downspouts and pushing everything down through the bottom. Or, you can vacuum the leaves out if there is a clog. Sometimes large clogs cannot be cleaned out this way, and you may need to do it with another method.

Gutter cleaning with leaf blowers can help you clear out the mess out leaves, sticks, and debris without having to use your hands. If you get the right attachments, you have even be able to do it from the ground without a ladder.

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