Cleaning Your Gutters In the Winter

Cleaning your gutters during the winter season is just as important in the winter as it is in the summer if not more so. The backup usually found in clogged gutters during other seasons can freeze and create an even bigger problem. Clogged gutters can also lead to ice dams, the weight from these ice dams can lead to your gutters separating from the rest of the house.

Once debris freeze inside your gutter during winter, the drainage speed of your gutter will be slower even when the temperature rise above freezing. Loose gutters usually lead to rotting of the wood. Ideally you should clean your gutters in the fall before the winter season arrives but if you haven’t done it, don’t despair, it can still be done in the winter.

Cleaning Your Gutters In The Winter

There are various ways of cleaning and maintaining your gutters during the cold winter period which can ensure that you do not suffer much damage in the warmer seasons.;

Always inspect the seams. Make sure there are no visible leaks or apparent gaps between the fascia and the gutter. While at it, ensure that there’s no visible rotting or other water related damage.

Gutter Cleaning In the winterIf you do note any damage, be sure to do the needful repairs. Also check if water is pooling. Water should always be redirected on a downward slope.

If you note any seepage, you may want to track down where it’s coming from. Many people have now adapted to having snow guards installed to ensure that ice is broken down before it slides down their gutter, the alternative might bring your gutters down.

However if you have ice dams in your gutter, it is best to call for professional care. Ice dams can be prevented by having good roof ventilation and insulation. Some people install heating cables that run along the edge, this helps in preventing ice fills. If you note that you have mold on your walls and/or rotten debris present in your gutters, this could bring about insects and crawling animals which could lead to illness in the home.

Ice Dams In The GuttersPeople living in old houses might have to think about changing their whole guttering system as they might be less effective due to wear and tear. This also increases their chances of having leaks in certain worn out areas of the entire system.

When cleaning your gutters always ensure that you’re safe. Walking on the roof of your home when you have a frozen gutter may not be the best idea as it can easily separate from the house with you on it. Always use a ladder when attending to your gutter. Ensure you wear rubber-soled shoes when using a ladder.

When dealing with complicated problems, always ensure that you seek professional help. However it is always advisable to have your gutters checked before the winter. Make sure you remove all the leaves, twigs etc. that you can in the fall before winter arrives and freezes it up.

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How to Prevent Snow Damage to Your Gutters

During the winter, ice and snow can cause a lot of trouble around your house, yard, and car. One thing it does pretty consistently is damage gutters. If it isn’t the ice dams making water overflow, it’s the heavy snow that weighs down gutters and eventually breaks them apart.

What can you do to help prevent damage before it happens?  Gutter cleaning, inspection, repairs, and snow management all work well.                          


Clean Gutters are Safer

If there is debris and dirt left inside your gutters, ice dams are more likely to form, and melted snow won’t be able to flow down to the ground. This means the water may overflow from the sides of the gutters, creating long icicles, or it will continue freezing inside the gutter to make even larger dams. Both options can lead to broken gutters and leaks. It’s better to help prevent this issue by cleaning your gutters before the first snow fall. Clean gutters allow water to flow unhindered, while gutters with small or large clogs will make it easier for water to pool up and freeze.

Inspect Your Gutter Installation

Besides cleaning the gutters, it’s also important to make sure you look over the construction of the gutters. If they are not stuck on the roof tightly enough, or the installation method is not solid, they may be ripped from the roof by heavy snow.Specifically, you can check if the gutters are held in place by screws or pegs, and if there are snow-proof gutter guards of any kind covering the tops.

Older gutters may have a peg-style installation that is not strong enough to hold up the extra weight of snow. These gutters could crash down the first time you have a large storm, so it’s a good idea to prepare yourself for that possibility and to see what you might be able to do to stop it.

Gutter guards are not always useful against snow, but some of them are built to help keep huge piles of snow out of the gutters. If you have gutter guards already or want to install them, look for snow-proof types that will resist snow.

Take Action after the Snow Falls

You can help your gutters and your roof by taking some steps to help remove the snow from the gutters before it piles up too heavily. A snow rake is one of the simplest methods to use, and you can pull the snow off the roof safely to the ground. Be careful using it though, because you don’t want to accidentally pull down your gutters instead!


Snow may not mix well with gutters, but you’re not completely helpless to protect your home from damage when the winter weather comes around. Take these steps to keep the negative effects of bad weather away.

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