Cleaning Your Gutters In the Winter

Cleaning your gutters during the winter season is just as important in the winter as it is in the summer if not more so. The backup usually found in clogged gutters during other seasons can freeze and create an even bigger problem. Clogged gutters can also lead to ice dams, the weight from these ice dams can lead to your gutters separating from the rest of the house.

Once debris freeze inside your gutter during winter, the drainage speed of your gutter will be slower even when the temperature rise above freezing. Loose gutters usually lead to rotting of the wood. Ideally you should clean your gutters in the fall before the winter season arrives but if you haven’t done it, don’t despair, it can still be done in the winter.

Cleaning Your Gutters In The Winter

There are various ways of cleaning and maintaining your gutters during the cold winter period which can ensure that you do not suffer much damage in the warmer seasons.;

Always inspect the seams. Make sure there are no visible leaks or apparent gaps between the fascia and the gutter. While at it, ensure that there’s no visible rotting or other water related damage.

Gutter Cleaning In the winterIf you do note any damage, be sure to do the needful repairs. Also check if water is pooling. Water should always be redirected on a downward slope.

If you note any seepage, you may want to track down where it’s coming from. Many people have now adapted to having snow guards installed to ensure that ice is broken down before it slides down their gutter, the alternative might bring your gutters down.

However if you have ice dams in your gutter, it is best to call for professional care. Ice dams can be prevented by having good roof ventilation and insulation. Some people install heating cables that run along the edge, this helps in preventing ice fills. If you note that you have mold on your walls and/or rotten debris present in your gutters, this could bring about insects and crawling animals which could lead to illness in the home.

Ice Dams In The GuttersPeople living in old houses might have to think about changing their whole guttering system as they might be less effective due to wear and tear. This also increases their chances of having leaks in certain worn out areas of the entire system.

When cleaning your gutters always ensure that you’re safe. Walking on the roof of your home when you have a frozen gutter may not be the best idea as it can easily separate from the house with you on it. Always use a ladder when attending to your gutter. Ensure you wear rubber-soled shoes when using a ladder.

When dealing with complicated problems, always ensure that you seek professional help. However it is always advisable to have your gutters checked before the winter. Make sure you remove all the leaves, twigs etc. that you can in the fall before winter arrives and freezes it up.

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Why You Should Get Rid of the Nest in Gutters ASAP

Birds nest wherever they please, whether it’s in your trees or in your home’s gutters. No matter how you feel about birds, they don’t belong in your gutter and may cause serious issues if they do nest in gutters!

You’ll want to remove the bird nest as soon as it’s possible, and take any measures you can to prevent future nests from popping up.

What Happens When Animals Nest in Gutters?

Nests may seem harmless to you, but they do cause a lot of necessary issues in your gutters. Birds, squirrels, and some small rodents usually enjoy gutters because of the relative safety and the enclosed space for them to make a sturdy nest. However, these same nests can cause horrible clogs in your gutters that will eventually cause leaks and even breaks if they stick around too long. It’s best to remove the nests as soon as you can, to minimize the damage done.

How to Clean Gutters with Nests

Here are the steps to cleaning out a nest in gutters once you know about it:

1. Check if the Nest is Active

With squirrels and rodents, this step is not really necessary, as they can stay in their nests for a longer period of time and they are not as dependent on the space. 

However, birds are different in that regard. Eggs and baby birds cannot be moved to a new nest and cannot survive on their own if their parents move on.

Watch the nest for signs of birds coming back and forth, or take a peek inside and see if there are eggs or baby birds inside. If it’s an active bird nest, leave it alone until it’s inactive.

2. Wear Protective Gear

Birds can carry a lot of nasty parasites that can transfer to you upon touching the nest. It’s a good idea to wear long sleeves and working gloves for this job.

3. Remove the Nest to a Safe Location

Carefully pick up the whole nest and remove it to a location away from your home. You can throw it directly into the trash outside, since it won’t be necessary for the birds anymore.

4. Clean Up the Area Immediately

Instead of waiting, take your hose out and
clean out your gutters
, paying especial attention to the area around the nest. This will not only wash away the parasites and germs left by the birds, but will also remove dirt and debris that collected around the nest area.

5. Take Preventative Measures Against Future Nests

Gutter cleaning is a good way to check for nests and clean them out when possible, but if you get consistent problems of bird nest in gutters, you’ll need to think about doing something else to keep them away. Some home owners install gutter guards, while others place objects around the roof to scare birds away, such as predator statues or spinning pinwheels.


Birds are great critters, but their nests are not good for your gutters at all! Don’t let the nest in gutters sit there for too long. Get it out as soon as it’s inactive, so that you can avoid the trouble that can follow.

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Gutter Hooks: What Do They Do?

Gutter hooks sound like an integral piece of gutter installation, but they’re completely unrelated to normal gutter system functions. So, what is the job of a gutter hook, and are these pieces of equipment a good thing to have on your home?

Installing Gutters

Gutters are usually installed directly onto the wooden boards around the top of your home, just below the roof. These are known as fascia boards, and they support the gutter system’s full weight. Usually gutter hangers are installed into the fascia and used to hold up each gutter section. This is the normal installation for gutters, and as you can see there is no mention of gutter hooks at all!

Using Gutter Hooks

 The reason gutter hooks aren’t mentioned as part of the installation is because they don’t serve a functional role in operation or installation. Instead, they’re used for decorative purposes. Gutters aren’t known to be the most attractive part of your home, but since they run around the entire edge it’s impossible to hang anything without interfering with them.

Instead of causing any sort of real damage to your gutters, placing small hooks around the system allows you to hang your decorations (think Christmas lights and potted plants) as you please.  Hooks are mostly clear or made to match the gutter materials, so they won’t interfere visually with your design.



Gutter Hook Replacements

You can buy gutter hooks and replacement packs in many hardware stores. They come in a few different shapes and many material variations. Chances are good that if you want a gutter hook for your home, you’ll be able to find one that meets your requirements.

It’s good to note that you won’t be able to find gutter hooks that work with most gutter guards or covers. These elements are not compatible with gutter hooks, since they will usually block the edges too much for hooks to attach as they should.


Are Gutter Hooks Safe to Use?

There is a big debate over whether you should use gutter hooks or if they can cause damage to your gutter system. No clear answer comes up from this question, but there are some guidelines that would be wise to follow.

It’s a bad idea to hang too many heavy objects from the gutters, be it plants or anything else decorative. Christmas lights are most likely safe, as they won’t add much weight to the system. Try to avoid hanging many decorations of any kind on longer gutter runs, since the weight will add up and put a lot of strain onto the system.

Never use gutter hooks or anything else that will add weight if the gutters are already sagging or damaged. In this case, hooks might cause the demise of your gutters by adding more weight than they can handle.

You can use gutter hooks to pretty up your house, especially since gutters are not known to be the most attractive design element. But, use them with caution and understand that they are adding weight to the system that might result in too much strain over time.


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3 Ways to Save Money On St. Louis Gutter Cleaning

We frequently get asked by St. Louis homeowners how to save money on their gutter and downspout cleaning. There are ways to save on gutter cleaning that every property owner can take advantage of that does not require investing in gutter guards or doing it yourself.

1. Proper Gutter and Downspout Maintenance: Keeping your gutters and downspouts in top shape is one of the best ways t save money on cleaning. If your gutters and broken, sagging, or falling away from the side of your house they will be more expensive to clean and/or repair. A little prevention can go a long way to lowering your costs. If your gutters are damaged in anyway have them inspected by a qualified gutter installer or roofing contractor to determine what needs to be done to correct them. Having a professional that is knowledgeable and experienced with gutters look at them (and not the lawn care guy) can really isolate what is wrong and how to repair it cost effectively. Common issues include having gutters that are pulling away from the roof line, damaged downspouts, and having loose or leaking end caps and joints.

2. Have Your Gutters and Downspouts Cleaned Regularly: Regular gutter cleaning is an essential factor in keeping your gutter cleaning costs as low as possible. Gutters that have gone years between cleanings, that are completely full of dirt and debris, or that have areas built up with dirt, seedlings, bird’s nests, rodent nests, and other obstructions will take  longer to clean, require more time and manpower, and will cost you more. Having your gutters and downspouts cleaned twice a year either on a regular schedule or an annual contract will guarantee that no excess build-up is possible. Regular cleaning is essential to not only keeping your gutters functioning correctly but keeping your costs as low as possible.

We’ve found an easy way to remember needing to get your gutters cleaned. Every time you change your air conditioning filters (again twice a year, generally in the spring and fall ) get a quote and make an appointment for your gutter cleaning.

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