Everything Online – Why?

Everything Online?  Now, why would we want to do that? That is easy to explain:

  • Save our customers money
  • Pay our techs better
  • Increased productivity and less errors

Gutter cleaning is unlike many home based services in that we never have to enter your home.  We never have to even see the customer.  We are able to provide the customer with a quote online (if you called us, we would just be filling out the same form online so it is counter-productive to do so), send the bill online and receive payment online.

Having the extra staff to answer phone calls would add at least 25% to the bill of every customer.

While the economy is going well for some individuals, the vast majority of our customers would appreciate a lower bill when all of their other expensive are going up.  By not staffing a phone, we are able to pass that savings on to the customer and we are able to pay our techs better. 

A question that comes to mind is how does this work?  We work primarily through email and text messaging.  If you have a question, concern or a comment all you would need to do is to send us an email.  During normal business hours, we are usually able to respond within 30 minutes at the most.

And finally, some people are simply not comfortable working in this manner.  We completely understand that.  We are simply not what they are looking for and it is better that be understood up front.  Why try to be pretty transparent and this is how we do business.

You get a great price, superb service (and quick too), and you get to pay online all from the comfort of your EZ Chair and we do all of this through email.

If this works for you, then get a quote and let us handle it from here.