Gutter Cleaning FAQs: Answers From the Pros (NEW Update)

gutter clenaing faqs

What You Ask About Gutter Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning Services From Around the Country

Over the years, we have been asked nearly every question possible about gutter cleaning. Many of them are fall into groups that alot of homeowners ask. Here are the answers to some of the most common FAQ questions we receive:

Is there any way I can avoid cleaning my gutters?

In a word – no. If your home has gutters and even if they have screens or guards, at some point they will have to be cleaned. More than just leaves and twigs fall into your gutters. Roof grit, bird nests, and the occasional toy will all find their way into your gutters and need to be removed to prevent clogs. Read our Guide here.

How often should gutters be cleaned?

We always recommend it twice a year. Once in the spring after seeds and pollen have fallen and again in the fall. Homes that are surrounded by trees or have freezing winter temperatures may need an additional cleaning late in the year. Read our Guide here.

How much does gutter cleaning cost?

A good rule of thumb is between $1 and $2 per foot of gutters. A typical 1,500 square foot house will have about 125 – 150 feet of gutters. This price can go up of course if there are screens or guards installed, steep roof pitches, overhangs, or other obstructions. Read our Guide here.

How can I tell if I need to have the gutters cleaned?

Scheduled gutter cleaning will eliminate the need to find out for sure but generally speaking, if you see dark streaks on the sides of the gutters, see a waterfall when it rains, or large puddles after a rain near your foundation – it is time to have your gutters cleaned. After a major storm is also a very good time. Read our Guide here.

What will happen if I don’t have my gutters cleaned?

Eventually they will sag, bend, break off and fall but before that is when the really bad stuff happens. Water that is trapped in gutters will cause wood damage to your roof and attic leaks, basement and foundation leaks or even cracking, landscape damage, paint loss, and more. All of these are really expensive, big problems to repair. Read our Guide here.

Is it worth hiring a professional for gutter cleaning?

We Get Gutters Clean certainly thinks it is. Not only will your gutter cleaning be done correctly, safely, and quickly – professionals like us will also be fully insured and licensed where required. We also have a team of customer service, billing, and other support specialists to make everything easier.

Why can’t I clean the gutters myself?

There are many reasons why homeowners should not attempt to clean their own gutters. Safety is the main reason. Not a year goes by that we don’t hear about a homeowner falling off of their roof or ladder trying to clean their gutters and severely injuring themselves.

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What does gutter cleaning include?

Our service includes removing all leaves and debris from the gutters, inspecting and clearing the downspouts, cleaning the area of your roof nearest to the gutters, inspecting hangers, making minor adjustments, and bagging everything up so it can be removed from the property by us or your trash service. Read our Guide here.

How long does gutter cleaning take?

A typical 1,500 square foot, single story home gutter cleaning will take between 90 minutes and 3 hours to complete depending on the severity of the condition of the gutters and if gutter guards or screens are installed.

Are gutters guards worth the money?

In our opinion – no. In fact, we believe they do more harm than good. Guards, screens, and other “systems” that claim to prevent the need for gutter cleaning give homeowners a false sense of security which can result in major problems down the road. In heavy rain storms, when you really need your gutters to work properly, they can cause water to flow over the gutter and never get carried away as it should. And under normal circumstances, guards and screens create a place where leaves will gather and trap water instead of letting it flow through your gutters. Read our Gutter Guard Guide here.

Do home inspections include checking the gutters?

Professional inspections, done when a home sells, include inspecting the gutters and downspouts if installed.

Does the condition of my gutters affect the value of my home?

Anything that looks worn, grimy, or decayed is going to affect home value, or least the perception of value. If your home is for sale and you have sagging, clogged up gutters with little trees growing in them and they are covered with moss – a buyer is going to notice it. Read how gutter cleaning can affect your home value and curb appeal here.

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