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Having routine gutters and downspouts cleaning done is among the countless obligations that you have when you are an American home owner. Owning your own house has many benefits. Not only does it offer you and your family a location to live that is their own, but it is also a significant financial investment that can assist you to build considerable wealth with time.

Nevertheless, if you don’t keep your house well maintained, then you won’t be able to enjoy the personal financial benefits that need to be yours as a house owner. That suggests you really need to make the effort to carry out or employ individuals to carry out routine preventative maintenance on your home. A big part of that regular maintenance need to be regular gutter cleaning.

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There are a great deal of things that the average American home owner can do around their home to serve to help keep it in great condition.There are also many things that the average American homeowner should steer clear of attempting themselves. While rain gutter cleaning may seem a basic job, the fact is that there’s a lot more to it than simply shoveling out yard waste and trash and spraying them with a water hose.

When you select us at We Get Gutters Clean™ we will use a power washer to get your gutter and downspout as clear and clean as the day they were installed, while also carefully examining them for any problems that might cause rain damage in the future.

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Learn More About Our Gutter Cleaning Procedure:

We take great satisfaction in delivering quality rain gutter cleaning services for our customers. We have discovered that having a check list to use while we clean gutters has allowed us to offer superior quality work consistently.

We hate call backs as they cost us in customer satisfaction and they cost us in lost revenues because we didn’t get the job done correctly the first time. This is why we have a checklist!

  • If your roof has leafs on it, we make certain we get it cleaned off so the debris doesn’t fall into the guttering again. There are many companies that clean out gutters, but when you ask them if they will clear off the roof as well they want to raise the rate on you after the fact. We include, in all of our pricing bundles, the cleaning up of the roof, because exactly what is the point of cleaning up the gutters if your roof still has leaves on it that will end up in the gutters and downspouts the next time it rains?
  • We then see to it that all of the gutters are cleared of debris including: leafs, Twigs, Compost, Limbs. We even clean out the periodic golf ball, baseball, and other toys that manage to find there way into the gutters.
  • When we have finished removing the blockages from the guttering, we then inspect the downspouts to ensure they are clear.
  • Finally, we make sure the trash from your gutter clean out is removed.

Simply put, we do our absolute best to make sure that the gutter cleaning is done right and that the gutters and the downspouts are working properly so it doesn’t end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs bills.

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If you are looking for reasons to clean your rain gutters and downspouts then you may not know exactly how important your gutters are. While it’s regrettable that you don’t recognize just how crucial your gutters and downspouts are, after seeing the various reasons that there are to clean them, you’ll probably have a much clearer picture of the essential role that they play. Once you do, you’ll likely desire to do something as quickly as possible to check on your gutters and make certain that they are in excellent working condition. When you are ready to make that decision, your best option is to use a certified, bonded, and insured experienced professional.

Are Rain Gutters Really All That Important?

Are rain gutters actually that important? In a word, yes. Gutters are set up to keep water from getting into your house, entering the structure of your house, and harming the lawn around your house. Throughout moderate to heavy precipitation, water can drain off of your roof rapidly and uncontrollably. Without the presence of rain gutters all of that drainage could result in producing serious home damage. Water that enters your house will cause mold to grow. Drainage that enters the concrete or block foundation of your home can result in it to break. Finally, rainwater that is permitted to pool up around your yard can harm your lawn. So, as you can see, gutters and downspouts are extremely crucial.

1. Clogged Gutters Do Not Work Well

Rain gutters are basically channels that shield your home by guiding drainage through them, into downspouts, and after that away from your house. They are a surprisingly straightforward in concept, and when they are successfully cleaned and maintained they work very well. The key point here is that they need to be correctly maintained. When they aren’t effectively cleared, cleaned and maintained debris and trash will develop in them, which will diminish their ability to channel rainwater. This can result in drainage spilling over the sides of the gutters, and if the debris and yard waste is bad enough it can even lead to a total clog.

This brings us to the point, the first good reason you need to select a trained professional gutter cleaning business to clean, maintain and inspect your rain gutters and downspouts regularly is to keep them from getting obstructed. This will keep your gutters and downspouts working the way they are designed, which will protect your home from water damage.

2. Poorly Maintained Gutters Don’t Last

If you are trying to find some significant financial incentive to have a gutter cleaning company clean and examine your gutters on routinely, then how about that ignored gutters and downspouts need to be replaced more frequently. Some varieties of gutters, especially metal rain gutters, can last for years and even a lifetime. Even plastic rain gutters can last for several years if they are cleared, cleaned and maintained regularly. On the other hand, if you do not look after your rain gutters they aren’t going to last as long. Copper rain gutters and downspouts are considered to be the best choice due to their charm, durability and life expectancy. But even copper rain gutters and downspouts will end up failing if you do not clean and maintain them.

The reason that this should drive you is that rain gutters and downspouts cleaning expense is rather reasonable. Whereas gutter replacement cost is extremely expensive. Replacing your rain gutters and downspouts can quickly cost several thousand dollars. Not only will you need to pay to have them replaced, but if you neglect your newly installed rain gutters then you are going to be right back in the same predicament you are in now. The point here is simple, you need to take care of your gutters, and selecting a trained professional rain gutter cleaning company is the very best way to do it.

3. Frequent Gutter Cleaning Can Help to Keep Little Problems from Becoming Big Problems

For a home owner, there are not many things more frustrating than discovering that their house has actually suffered comprehensive damage, and that damage was avoidable. Simply imagine how you’ll feel if you discover that a problem with your rain gutters has caused a great deal of rain damage to your house, and if you had just taken the time to have your gutters cleaned and maintained you most likely might’ve completely avoided this condition.

If your rain gutters have even a little fracture in them, that little crack can allow a bit of water to seep into your house. In lots of ways having a small trickle of water get into your home is worse than an actual flood. How can this be? Well, when you have a serious flood you know there’s an issue. You recognize you need to do something to repair the problem, and if you know that mold can begin growing in just 48 hours, you most likely also understand that you need to get the ball rolling sooner instead of later.

However, when you have a small leak into your house caused by a faulty rain gutter and downspout that little drainage problem can be leading to significant damage that you have no idea are even there. Remember that very poisonous Black mold can start spreading in just 2 days. What do you imagine occurs if there is a little water leak into your home that continues for months or perhaps years? That’s right, you might find yourself with a significant mold problem all brought on by a little rain water drainage problem.

When you utilize a trained professional rain gutter cleaning company one of the services that they deliver is to thoroughly evaluation of your rain gutters. They search for the type of little issues that most people wouldn’t discover, and in many cases, they can fix the issue before it ends up being a significant issue for you. This is why it’s so important that you use a trained professional rain gutter cleaning business to clean your rain gutters and downspouts instead of the neighborhood handyman, or trying to do the job yourself. An experienced professional rain gutter cleaning business will do more than simply clean, maintain your gutters, they will help to guard the value of your home by trying to find small issues that could be causing major damage.


  • Top Five Reasons To Keep Your Gutters Clean:

There are many reasons to keep your gutters clean, but we have outlined Just Five of them below:

Damage To The Roofing Structure – One of the most apparent reasons to keep those gutters cleaned out is to avoid damage to your roofing. When your gutters are blocked by fallen leaves and other debris, you will, definitely, have rainwater spilling over the guttering when it showers. This water spillover happens right at the most vulnerable part of your rooftop, and the rain water can fairly quickly drain into your roofing system and lead to extensive damage from rot and decay. Not only is this harmful for your rooftop, but the moisture can rapidly spread to other portions of your home, which is a hazard to walls, electrical work and a potential health hazard from mold and mildew.

Insects And Critters – Bugs, animals and other crawling things like nothing more than a delightful mushy bed of sodden and rotten leave and debris. Everything from slugs and worms to birds and rats will be attracted to your guttering and your home if you let your gutters stay clogged with debris. At that point it’s only a quick trip from your gutters to inside your property, even for a bug, so the problem can rapidly change from aggravation to considerable damage. Do not make your house more welcoming to bugs than it currently is.

Damage To The Fascia – The board that is directly supporting your gutter is referred to as the fascia. This piece of wood is an essential part of your home’s gutter system, and any excess rainwater or moisture will destroy its integrity and useful life. When this happens, you will not have to fret about clearing out your gutters anymore simply because they will certainly have fallen down off your property.

Damage To The Lawn And Flower Gardens – Your gutter system is designed to carry the unwanted water far from your home. When the system can’t do so, you will likely find yourself with a good deal of extra rainwater in your lawn that was supposed to end up in the sewer. This can quickly lead to severe damage from too much water or moisture, as any gardening or landscaping lovers know. In addition, pooled water in gardens and low lying areas of the lawn is an ideal area for reproducing mosquitoes, so if you are attempting to cut down on your resident mosquito population, make sure to keep those rain gutters cleaned out and flowing nicely.

Foundation Problems – Finally, any water that isn’t being removed from your house will be pulled to the foundation area due to the natural space that exists between your property and the surrounding ground. This water will destroy the stability of your foundation, leading to anything from lots of rainwater in your basement to massive foundation damage that can easily cost a lot to make whole.