Rain gutters and downspouts are designed to carry water away from buildings to places where it can disperse safely and without damaging the structure. Many homes and commercial buildings have rain gutters and downspout systems especially in areas of the country where there is above average rainfall each year.

Keeping these systems clean and free of debris is an essential part of home and commercial building maintenance. If the system is clogged with leaves, branches, roofing material or objects like toys or even bird’s nests – the system cannot do its job properly.

Once gutters are clogged, the water cannot be carried away efficiently and the gutter will flood and overflow. This places the large amount of water gathered by gutters from your roof in direct contact with walls, windows, doors, foundations and other areas with the potential to cause extensive (and very expensive) damage.


Let’s look at just a few of the things that can be caused by clogged gutter and downspouts:

  • The roof edge can soak up water causing damage and rot to the underlying surface
  • Wood fascia, rafter tails, soffits and vents can rot away
  • Water can penetrate walls, windows and doors causing damage and rot
  • Foundations can absorb water which weakens it and can cause structural damage
  • Water is absorbed into the ground too close to the foundation of the structure which then seeps or floods into basements
  • Pests like rodents, birds and insects are attracted to the standing water in the gutters causing infestations
  • Landscaped areas can be flooded, damaged or washed away
  • Water overflowing onto walkways, decks, patios and other areas can be damaged and present a slipping hazard
  • Excess water absorbed into basements, walls and woodwork

It’s easy to see why gutter cleaning and proper maintenance is vital to your home or commercial building. Even more so if you live in an area with any of the following:

  • Higher than average rainfall
  • Snow, Ice or freezing temperatures
  • Large trees in the area especially oaks and pines
  • Pests such as mosquitoes or wasps
  • Rodent populations including rats, mice, and squirrels


We Get Gutters Clean is a professional gutter cleaning service. We provide expert gutter and downspout cleaning for homes and commercial buildings that is worry-free, fast, and affordable. All of our technicians follow the same process for cleaning your gutters and for ensuring they are working properly. Our technicians will determine the best approach to your gutters on-site meaning that some gutters will be cleared from below (using the proper ladder to do the area safely) or from above (walking or standing on a roof area). Once the debris is removed from the gutter channel it is bagged for removal from the property when the service is finished. All gutters and downspouts are checked for proper flow and discharge and any problem areas noted for the owner to follow up on at a later time.

Our gutter cleaning service is covered by a $2 million general liability insurance and our technicians by full workmen’s compensation insurance. These cover you in the unfortunate (and unlikely) event of an accident or injury. Technicians are fully equipped to complete your job as efficiently as possible and all fo our work is covered by our own 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a 30 Day No-Clog Warranty.


Of course a home or building owner can clean their gutters and downspouts themselves but we certainly don’t recommend it. Not only is there personal risk involved climbing and standing on ladders or walking along the roof, there are the simpler issues of having the correct ladder, equipment and time required to do the job.

Insurance companies such as State Farm even recommend that a professional be called in for residential gutter cleaning when required.

We feel that our service provides home and commercial building owners with the most cost effective and efficient way to clean and maintain their gutter and downspout systems and we stand behind that feeling every day.


A number of factors go into the cost of gutter cleaning not the least of which is the linear footage of the gutter system as well as the structure height, roof condition, landscaped areas, and any obstacles that may be present. For home and building owners the real question of ‘cost’ comes down to how much time would it take for you to gather the equipment needed and do the job yourself versus hiring a professional that is fully equipped and trained to do the job properly. In this regard there is no comparison.

In general, our price ranges for typical residential gutter cleanings are:

  • A single story residence around 1,500 square feet ranges from $145 to $196
  • A two story residence around 2,500 square feet ranges from $169 to $212
  • A three story residence or a two story with high reach areas or obstacles ranges from $237 to $419

Of course your actual price will vary and will be determined by our online quoting system that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We don’t need a home visit or appointment to provide you with a quote and no credit card information is required. Sure, some terms and conditions apply which are all a part of our free quote process.


Let We Get Gutters Clean show you why we are an industry leader in gutter cleaning. From our expert technicians and experience to our satisfaction guarantee, We Get Gutter Clean will exceed your expectations in a home service company. We guarantee it. Let us Take Care of the Dirty Work For You” today.


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