How Gutter Cleaning Can Improve the Value of Your Home (NEW Update)

gutter cleaning improves home value

Not only can professional gutter cleaning make your life simpler and easier, it can improve the value of your home – an important factor if you are selling your home. Here are the reasons why:

It Improves Curb Appeal

If you are selling your home you have probably been told by your agent or others that improving your home’s “curb appeal” or first impression on a potential buyer, is very important. Too often we have seen sellers spend money on improving their curb appeal with plants by the front door, spruced up porch furniture, and fancy house numbers that still have clogged up gutters – some with little trees growing in them.

If a homeowner is willing to invest the money into curb appeal improvements then gutter cleaning should be at or near the top of the list. Nothing says a home has been cared for like having clean gutters. It shows an attention to the details that are important and it gives potential buyers an indication that other common maintenance tasks around the home have also been kept up on by the seller. We Get Gutters Clean is here to help!

Gutter Cleaning Helps Prevent Damage

Regular professional gutter cleaning can help prevent damage around your home including:

  • Roof leaks, shingle loss, and wood damage
  • Basement and foundation leaks and cracks
  • Woodwork damage and peeling paint
  • Damage from pests and rodents

By preventing this damage as much as possible in the first place the value of your home is at least stable and perhaps improved. Gutters that have not been cleaned regularly will have contributed to these problems which either had to be repaired before or will be required to be repaired by the home buyer.

Gutter and downspout condition is something that home inspectors check for. If something is not right and your gutters are clogged, full of mud, or jammed up with toys or bird nests, the inspector is going to call that out and it will have to be dealt with during the sale.

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It Keeps Your Home Safe

If your home is safe it is going to have more value. A home with sagging or partially detached gutters that could fall off, loose downspouts clacking in the wind, or evidence that water has been overflowing your gutters like Niagra Falls – are all signs of trouble waiting to happen. A home buyer will see these things and think “What else am I going to have to fix, besides these crummy gutters, around here?” Not a good signal to send.

We’re not saying that your home will suddenly be worth a million dollars just because you have your gutters professionally cleaned. We are saying that our service is an affordable way to improve the condition of your home and the perception of your care for it prior to selling.

Our professional gutter cleaning process includes inspecting and cleaning your gutters and downspouts, performing minor repairs like tightening hangers and brackets, as well as removing all of the debris when we are done. A simple, cost effective part of a “makeover” for your home.

For a free quote to have your gutters professionally cleaned by our experts before selling your home, click the button below or call for a quote today. We Get Gutters Clean – It’s What We DO!

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