How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost?

There are a great many factors to consider in deriving the gutter cleaning quote for a property.  We have been able to automate that task by utilizing software, but that doesn’t mean that the quote that is given is an arbitrary number. On the contrary, a lot of thought has been put into making an automated system that gives out accurate quotes.

All of the items below have been factored into our online software to come up with what we charge our customers for their gutter cleaning service.

Let’s examine the different factors that make up a guttering cleaning quote.


Location of the property

Simply put, the further we have to travel to the property, the higher they are going to have to expect to pay for the service due to the time and cost associated with driving more.

Size of home (height and sqft)

The size of the home is one of the most important factors.  The quote will vary greatly based on how tall the property is and how many square feet the home encompasses.

Linear feet of guttering

The linear feet of guttering that is on a home is also one of the major factors in determining the quote.  The more guttering there is on the home, the longer it is going to take to clean it out.

Number of downspouts

The number of downspouts can also add to the cost of cleaning. Most of the time, the downspouts are easy to clean out, but sometimes, the downspouts will need to be dismantled to get to the clogs and this takes a lot of time to do.

Are guards installed

If gutter guards have been added to the guttering, this can add significant time to the cleaning. They will have to be removed so that the gutter can be cleaned underneath.  We do not recommend gutter guards as they typically never work properly and it makes the cleaning cost more.

The pitch of the roof

Most people don’t realize that the majority of gutter cleanings are accomplished by walking on the roof.  If the pitch of the roof is too severe, then the workers will have to do all of the cleaning from ladders which increases the time it takes to clean the guttering.

The ease of access to the gutters

If there are a lot of shrubs, trees, etc near the home, or if the ground near the home isn’t level, it makes getting to the gutters difficult.  As such it takes longer to clean them.

Time of year

During slow times of the year, prices will drop to attract new customers.

Weather conditions

If a customer waits until the dead of winter to have their gutters cleaned, they should expect to pay more as the condition are horrible and are more dangerous.

Frequency of service

This is one of the other “major” factors.  If the guttering is cleaned on a routine basis, the cost of that cleaning should drop substantially as they aren’t as dirty.

Insurance Cost

Maintaining adequate insurance is a must and it adds to the cost of each cleaning.


Ultimately, the one overarching factor that really determines the cost of cleaning is time.  The time factor is where the best companies make their distinction.  If you have multiple people in a crew, if you have a lot of experience, if you have the proper ladders and gutter cleaning tools the time factor can come down and that is where you can get lower pricing.

The only truly accurate way to determine how much a gutter cleaning cost is to get a quote.  Click below to get your affordable quote for gutter cleaning.

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