Recent Gutter Cleaning Charleston – September 12, 2017

Trees can clog your gutters!

You read it right. Debris from trees near your house can clog your home’s gutters. Clogged gutters will result to water damage, insect infestations, foundation and structural damage.

Look at how the debris accumulate into this house’s gutters.┬áThe leaves from trees that are too close to your roof can clog your gutter system. It allows rainwater to accumulate and cause leaks in your attic.

Remember to regularly remove all tree leaf debris from your gutters to protect the shingles. As much as possible, remove any tree close enough to pose a threat if it should fall on your home.

You should do every possible solution to make your gutters last longer. If you don’t have enough time to clean them, We Get Gutters Clean is here to help.

Our professional gutter cleaner can help you clean the debris from the trees around your home.

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