Gutter Hooks: What Do They Do?

Gutter hooks sound like an integral piece of gutter installation, but they’re completely unrelated to normal gutter system functions. So, what is the job of a gutter hook, and are these pieces of equipment a good thing to have on your home?

Installing Gutters

Gutters are usually installed directly onto the wooden boards around the top of your home, just below the roof. These are known as fascia boards, and they support the gutter system’s full weight. Usually gutter hangers are installed into the fascia and used to hold up each gutter section. This is the normal installation for gutters, and as you can see there is no mention of gutter hooks at all!

Using Gutter Hooks

 The reason gutter hooks aren’t mentioned as part of the installation is because they don’t serve a functional role in operation or installation. Instead, they’re used for decorative purposes. Gutters aren’t known to be the most attractive part of your home, but since they run around the entire edge it’s impossible to hang anything without interfering with them.

Instead of causing any sort of real damage to your gutters, placing small hooks around the system allows you to hang your decorations (think Christmas lights and potted plants) as you please.  Hooks are mostly clear or made to match the gutter materials, so they won’t interfere visually with your design.



Gutter Hook Replacements

You can buy gutter hooks and replacement packs in many hardware stores. They come in a few different shapes and many material variations. Chances are good that if you want a gutter hook for your home, you’ll be able to find one that meets your requirements.

It’s good to note that you won’t be able to find gutter hooks that work with most gutter guards or covers. These elements are not compatible with gutter hooks, since they will usually block the edges too much for hooks to attach as they should.


Are Gutter Hooks Safe to Use?

There is a big debate over whether you should use gutter hooks or if they can cause damage to your gutter system. No clear answer comes up from this question, but there are some guidelines that would be wise to follow.

It’s a bad idea to hang too many heavy objects from the gutters, be it plants or anything else decorative. Christmas lights are most likely safe, as they won’t add much weight to the system. Try to avoid hanging many decorations of any kind on longer gutter runs, since the weight will add up and put a lot of strain onto the system.

Never use gutter hooks or anything else that will add weight if the gutters are already sagging or damaged. In this case, hooks might cause the demise of your gutters by adding more weight than they can handle.

You can use gutter hooks to pretty up your house, especially since gutters are not known to be the most attractive design element. But, use them with caution and understand that they are adding weight to the system that might result in too much strain over time.


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Make Your Gutters Last Longer

Gutters are costly, but necessary parts of your home’s exterior. Without a good gutter system, water damage can easily afflict your house, foundation, and yard. If you want to help make sure your gutter systems last as long as possible, there are a few practices you can do to keep them in good shape. Gutter cleaner, a debris guard system, and simple repairs will do wonders to encourage a full lifespan.


Tips for Preserving Gutters

  1. Regular Gutter Cleaning

You need to do the suggested maintenance on your gutters. In some environments, you’ll want to clean gutters out at least 4 times per year. This includes homes with multiple trees or large shrubs nearby, as well as homes in excessively dusty areas like deserts.

The minimum number of times you should be cleaning your gutters out yearly is twice. As a general guideline, it’s best to clean them out before their most necessary seasons. Spring is a common time for heavy rainfall, so you’ll want your gutters in tip-top shape. Autumn brings a lot more leaves and plants particles into the air in many locations, so you may want to clean during late autumn as well.




     2. Gutter Guards and Covers

One thing that can ruin gutters more quickly is debris clogging up the waterway and stopping them from functioning properly. Gutters are meant for water movement, not for heavy debris or dirt. This is where gutter guards and gutter covers can help.

A set of the right gutters guards will keep all the big stuff out of your gutters and help preserve them for longer. You’ll still need to clean out your gutters regularly, especially to remove the layer of silt that can build up at the bottom.


    3. Simple Upkeep and Repairs

While you’re gutter cleaning, check for any small damage or leaks. It’s a good idea to get this trouble spots patched up before they can ruin your gutters permanently. A small leaks or slight disfiguration is easy enough to repair at home. It’s much easier to fix the issues while they’re still small than to try to correct a huge break, split, crack, or leaks later on.


    4. Removing Clogs

Clogs are one of the worst things for healthy gutter systems. They cause debris to sit against the gutters for too long, resulting in more damage and degradation over a shorter time. Sometimes a stick or some other hard debris may get wedged into the gutters wrong and will cause other debris to catch on it instead of being swept into the downspouts.

The biggest problem with this is that large clogs will block water from leaving the gutters as well. Water that’s sitting trapped inside the gutters will do more damage than debris, as the water slowly brings rust, bugs, small animals, and other nuisances around to your home.


These 4 practical steps can help you keep your gutters in great working order for a long time. These aren’t things you’ll have to think about daily, but just keep them in the back of your mind a few times per year and after large weather events.

Recent Gutter Cleaning Charleston – September 12, 2017

Trees can clog your gutters!

You read it right. Debris from trees near your house can clog your home’s gutters. Clogged gutters will result to water damage, insect infestations, foundation and structural damage.

Look at how the debris accumulate into this house’s gutters. The leaves from trees that are too close to your roof can clog your gutter system. It allows rainwater to accumulate and cause leaks in your attic.

Remember to regularly remove all tree leaf debris from your gutters to protect the shingles. As much as possible, remove any tree close enough to pose a threat if it should fall on your home.

You should do every possible solution to make your gutters last longer. If you don’t have enough time to clean them, We Get Gutters Clean is here to help.

Our professional gutter cleaner can help you clean the debris from the trees around your home.

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Gutter Guard Reviews

Gutter Guard Reviews

If you have found yourself reading gutter guard reviews then you have probably fallen into the trap of thinking that there is an alternative to having your gutters and downspouts cleaned on a regular basis.  Well, if that’s what you are thinking then I’m afraid that you couldn’t be more wrong.

The market is practically bursting with a huge range of gutter guards, and the bottom line is that having the installed is a mistake.  It doesn’t matter if you have read a bunch of leaf gutter guards that claim a product is revolutionary or is sure to work, in the end, these reviews are posted out there to deceive you.

The fact that there is a robust market for gutter guards shouldn’t really be all that surprising.  These devices claim to do two things that are near and dear to everyone’s heart, they claim to save you a lot of work as well as save you money.  That’s why every year more people make the mistake of investing in gutter guards and other types of protective coverings for their gutters.  Ironically what they are doing will not save them money, it will end up costing them far more.

If Gutter Guards Worked Why Wouldn’t Everyone Have Them?

The biggest clue that gutter guards don’t work is the fact that every home doesn’t have them.  After all, if there really is some magical device that will save you time and money then wouldn’t everyone have one? Of course, they would, but when you look around at the houses around you there’s a good chance that most of them don’t have gutter guards.  That’s because they are for lack of a better term, useless.  They don’t work, they can actually damage your rain gutters, and they are nothing more than a waste of money.

Want another clue that gutter guards are a waste of money? How about the fact that there are a lot of gutter cleaning companies that are currently in business.  If there was an effective way to keep leaves and other debris out of your rain gutters so they would never need to be cleaned, then there would be no need for gutter cleaning companies.  But when you look around there are a lot of gutter cleaning companies out there, which is proof that there is a demand for their services, which in turn proves that gutter guards don’t work.

Leaf Guard Reviews

In the spirit of trying to be as unbiased as possible, we’d like to take this opportunity to offer the following leaf gutter guard reviews.  These are reviews for a number of different gutter guards, that cover a number of different styles.  After reading them you should have a better idea of how gutter guards are supposed to work, and why they really don’t do what they claim that they do.

Shur Flo X Leaf Guard Gutter Protector

This particular gutter guard costs around $214.00 and comes with 200 feet of coverage.  It is a type of mesh that goes over the top of your rain gutters, supposedly keeping out any debris.  The problem with this type of gutter guard is that it has small holes in it that are designed to allow water to flow through them if it didn’t have these small holes then water would flow right over the gutter, which would basically be like having no rain gutters at all.

There are two primary problems with this type of gutter guard design.  First, while the small holes are sufficient to allow a light amount of rain to flow through them into your gutters, during a heavy downpour the amount of water is too much for them to handle.  That means that part of the rainwater would be allowed to flow over your rain gutters in an uncontrolled manner, which acts much like having a blockage in your gutters.

The other problem with this type of gutter guard also has to do with the small holes that are a part of its design.  While they may keep larger pieces of debris from getting into your gutters, small bits of dirt, bird droppings, insects, and pine needles can still easily make their way past the gutter guard.  Which means that they will build up in the gutters and need to be cleaned.  So not only is this type of gutter guard ineffective for a number of reasons, it doesn’t even get rid of your need to have to clean your gutters.

Ultra Flo Leaf Guard Gutter Protector for 5″ K-Style Gutters

This gutter guard covers about 100 feet of gutters, and costs around $100, which makes it about the same price per foot as the previous gutter guard system reviewed.  It is simple to install and snaps directly into your gutters without damaging the shingles on your roof.  Unfortunately, that’s right where the positives end.  While it’s easy to install, it’s ultimately ineffective.

The good news is that the larger holes in this type of gutter guard allow water to flow into it at a higher rate, so you don’t really have to contend with water flowing over your gutters.  The bad news is that these larger holes allow more debris to get into the gutters, which will cause them to become clogged more quickly.  In fact, the holes on this gutter guard system are so large that you might as well have nothing at all there because of the amount of debris that penetrates them.  Once again, this is a gutter guard system that is little more than a waste of money.

Frost King VX620 6″x20′ Plastic Gutter Guard

This gutter guard, if you can even call it that, comes in at under $6.  The reason that it is so inexpensive is that it is even less effective than most other gutter guard systems.  This is a lightweight mess that sits on top of your rain gutters and is very easy to install.  Unfortunately, it is also very prone to failing.

As far as gutter guard reviews go, this is a pretty bad one, and that’s saying a lot.  The lightweight mess is very flimsy, and debris tends to get stuck on top of it.  Given how flimsy it is, it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that the mess will easily collapse into the rain gutter when there is enough debris on top of it.  Then you have a sudden blockage instead of a slow blockage that would normally occur.  That means instead of having time to spot a problem, your rain gutters can suddenly fail catastrophically allowing rain to pour uncontrolled off of your roof.

LeafsOut 5” DIY Micro Mesh Rain Gutter Guard – 6 Inches, Stainless Steel

If your goal is to essentially eliminate all of the positive benefits of your rain gutters, then this is the gutter guard system for you.  First, the good news.  This is a solid piece of aluminum that is fairly effective at keeping debris out of your gutters.  Unfortunately, it accomplishes this by blocking out virtually everything that comes its way, including water.  With this type of gutter guard, a good amount of rainwater will likely flow right over them, which means it’s a lot like having no gutter guards at all.

Gutter Guard Cost Is Much Higher Than You May Have Been Led To Believe

It should be pretty obvious by now after reading these rain gutter guard reviews that they are for all intents and purposes useless.  So even if they don’t seem to be expensive, would you really want to spend any money at all on something that doesn’t work? Of course, you wouldn’t, and that’s the driving point here.  Gutter guards don’t work, which means that any money at all that you spend on them is a waste.

If you make the mistake of buying gutter guards then the initial amount you spend on them will hardly be the last time they end up costing you money.  That’s right, on top of being useless gutter guards will continue to cost you money long after you buy them.  What you have to remember is that gutter guards don’t work, which means that even when you have them there’s no way you can avoid having to clean your gutters or paying to have someone clean your gutters.

Guess what? It’s going to cost you additional money to pay someone to remove your gutter guards and to put them back on.  You can’t blame the gutter cleaning company for this, it’s extra work so they charge you more money.

On top of having to pay to have them removed and then reinstalled whenever you have your gutters cleaned, gutter guards also add weight to your gutters.  Added weight puts additional strain on them, which over time will cause them to fail sooner than they normally would.  That means paying for a new rain gutter and downspout system, which can be quite expensive.

Having A Professional Clean Your Gutters Gives You The Added Bonus Of Having An Expert Inspect Your Gutter Guards For Potential Problems

Rather than wasting money on something like a gutter guard that doesn’t work, you are much better off investing money in hiring a professional gutter cleaning company.  If you have gutter guards you still need to have your gutters cleaned.  There’s a chance that you may not need to have them cleaned as frequently, but if you take that chance then you are running the risk of allowing your rain gutters to suffer damage.  Rather than taking this chance, and rather than paying for a product that doesn’t work, you are much better off hiring a professional company to come out and clean and inspect your rain gutters on a regular basis.

The biggest benefit you are going to get from hiring a professional isn’t the actual cleaning, it’s their inspection of your gutters.  While having them cleaned is definitely worth the money alone, the added benefit of having an expert pair of eyes looking over your gutters is very important.  An expert is going to spot things that you, or any other person lacking their training and experience, will not.

That means that they can either repair a small problem before it becomes a big one or at the very least they can warn you about it so you can hire someone else to come out and fix it.  Doesn’t that sound like a better use of your money than buying a product that doesn’t even work in the first place?

Take Your Time And Hire The Right Gutter And Downspout Cleaning Company

Having established during the above leaf guard reviews that these types of devices are essentially useless, the next thing you should be thinking about is hiring a professional company to come out and clean and inspect your gutters.  When you hire a professional they will go over with you a plan of attack for keeping your gutters and downspouts in great condition, and they can even tell you how frequently you should schedule them to come out.

Given all of the benefits that a professional gutter cleaning company offers, you may be in a rush to go out and hire one.  If that’s your instinct then you should take a moment, catch your breath, and be a bit more deliberate in your decision making.  You want to hire a professional company to handle your gutter cleaning needs, but you don’t want to hire just any company.

Spending a few minutes today doing just a little bit of research can help to ensure that the company you choose will give you the level of service you deserve.  First, make sure that any company you are considering is licensed, bonded, and insured.  Then, with that as a starting point you can move on to reading customer reviews.  Taking a few minutes to do some research really can make all of the difference when choosing your next rain gutter cleaning company, which means that it is time that is definitely well spent.

Gutter Cleaning Cost

When people first decide that hiring a gutter cleaning service is a better option than trying to clean their own gutters, one of the first things they are usually concerned about it the cost involved.  This is a perfectly reasonable concern, after all, you work hard for your money.  So, you want to make sure that you are getting good value for what you are spending your money on.

Before getting into specific prices it’s important for you to remember a few things.  First, cleaning out gutters is hard work.  Second gutter cleaning prices are very reasonable when you consider the amount of work that is involved, and the problems that will arise if you don’t clean and maintain your rain gutters on a regular basis.

What Should You Expect To Pay For Gutter Cleaning?

The amount of money you are going to pay for gutter cleaning is going to depend on a lot of factors.  Those factors include where you live, the length of gutters that need to be cleaned, and whether or not your home is a multi-story home.  With that being said, the following are some rough estimates that should give you an idea of the ballpark figure you should be looking at when you hire a professional gutter cleaning company.

  •  For a single-story home of about 1,500 square feet, a professional gutter cleaning service should charge you between $140 and $200.
  •  For a two-story home of about 2,500 square feet, a professional gutter cleaning service should charge you between $170 to $215.
  • If you live in a three-story home or a two-story home where the upper level is higher than normal and more difficult to reach, a professional gutter cleaning service should charge you between $240 to $420.

What Factors Could Lead To Higher Gutter Cleaning Prices For You?

After calling a professional gutter cleaning service you may end up being quoted a price that is higher than what the estimates above suggest it should be.  This could mean one of two things.  First of all, it could mean that you have chosen a gutter cleaning company that charges higher gutter cleaning prices than the average company.

If the amount of additional money that they are charging is reasonable, and the company has a great reputation, then you may want to consider paying the additional money since you will almost certainly be getting great service.  On the other hand, if the gutter cleaning cost that they are quoting you is significantly higher than normal, and they don’t have a stellar reputation, then they are probably trying to take advantage of you.  If that’s the case then this is obviously not the kind of gutter cleaning service you want working on your home.

The other reason that you may be quoted a higher gutter cleaning price is that the amount of work that is involved is more than the company would normally face on a typical gutter cleaning job.  If the gutter cleaning service that you have hired is charging you more than you expect, then you have the right to ask them why the cost is higher.

If they provide you a reasonable explanation, then you should probably go ahead and hire them as long as the amount of money they are charging you seems to be fair.  Remember, a gutter cleaning company is like any other company.  If they have to do more work on a job, then they are going to want to be compensated for it.  So, what factors could result in a higher gutter cleaning cost for you?

  1.  Having To Deal With Gutter Guards

What is a gutter guard? A gutter guard is a screen, cover, or another type of device that you can attach to your gutters.  The purpose of gutter guards is to help keep debris from getting into your rain gutters and downspouts, which in theory would make it so that you don’t have to have them cleaned out on a regular basis.  In theory, this sounds like a great idea.

Unfortunately, while they may seem like a great idea, in theory, the reality is that gutter guards and other types of gutter covers are essentially useless.  What makes this even worse is the fact that in addition to being something you pay for that doesn’t work, you also have to pay a gutter cleaning service additional money to remove them and reinstall them when they come out to clean your gutters.

The best thing you can do if you have gutter guards and have a  gutter cleaning service come to your home is to have them remove the gutter guards and never put them back on.

  1.  Having To Spend Extra Time Clearing Out An Obstruction

If you have a rock, toy, or any other solid object blocking one of your rain gutters or downspouts, then this will usually end up adding to your bill.  Most gutter cleaning companies use a combination of a high-pressure water spraying to clean out gutters and then follow this up with a high air pressure spray.

When you have a solid obstruction this approach usually won’t work, which means that your gutter system may have to be partially taken apart to get the obstruction out.  So if this happens to be the case with your home, don’t be surprised if you have to pay a little more for the gutter cleaning service you hire.

  1.  Having Especially Dirty Gutters And Downspouts

If it’s been longer than normal between gutter cleanings chances are pretty good that your rain gutters and downspouts are going to be much dirtier than normal.  If that happens to be the case, then you should probably expect to pay more for the gutter cleaning service that you hire.  It all comes down to the fact that they are going to have to put more time and effort into cleaning your gutters than they normally would, which usually translates to a bigger bill for you.

  1.  Landscaping That Makes Things Difficult For Them

Another thing that could make things more challenging for the gutter cleaning service you hire will usually end up costing you more money.  That includes landscaping that makes things more difficult for them.  If you have trees, bushes, and other things in your yard that are going to serve as obstacles for the gutter cleaning service you hire, then it’s going to cost you a little more to have your gutters cleaned

Reasons Why Gutter Cleaning Prices Are Very Reasonable In Most Cases

At this point, you may be wondering if it’s worth hiring a professional company to come out and clean your rain gutters and downspouts.  It may not seem like a technically demanding job, but the truth is that there is more to it than most people realize.

Yes, a good part of gutter cleaning involves removing the muck that ends up in them, but that’s really only the start of the process.  A professional company will not only clean out the muck, they will do so using high-pressure water and air sprayers that will leave your gutters and downspouts as clean as if they were brand new.One aspect that most people don’t think about when they are looking at gutter cleaning prices is how much money it could cost them if they neglect their gutters.

Rain gutters can last a long time, even a lifetime, but only if they are properly cleaned and maintained. If they aren’t then they are prone to warping, pulling off of a house, and collapsing due to the extra weight that the muck in them adds to them.On top of the risk of damage to your rain gutters and downspouts, you also have to be concerned with the damage that your home could suffer should your rain gutters fail.

When rain gutters fail rainwater is allowed to flow into a home and onto your lawn in an uncontrolled manner.  When this happens the water will get into places that you never want water to get into, which can lead to soil erosion, toxic black mold infestation, and even damage to the foundation of your home.

Hiring A Professional Gutter Cleaning Service Is An Investment That Is Well Worth It

When looking at the cost of gutter cleaning try not to look at just the money you are spending.  Instead, look at what you are getting for your money.  The first thing you are getting is the ability to avoid doing a dirty, nasty, and exhausting job.  More importantly, you are getting a means to keep your rain gutters and downspouts functioning the way that they were meant to.  That means that they can protect your home from water damage.

When you maintain your rain gutters and downspouts properly you will also greatly increase the length of time that they should last for you.  The bottom line is simple, spending money for a professional gutter cleaning service is well worth it and will help to protect your most valuable asset, your home.


Can You Paint Your Gutters?

Painting Gutters

Gutters aren’t usually considered an attractive part of your home, but that doesn’t mean you want them to stick out like a sore thumb. If you’re changing up your home color or you just want to refresh your worn-out gutters, you can paint them to whatever color you want!

Types of Gutter Materials

Not all gutters are made from the same materials. Aluminum gutters are the easiest to paint, because the right types of paint bond well on aluminum. When you do the job right, it lasts for years without any real risk of rust or peeling. It’s simple to paint aluminum gutters, but you have to make sure you get the correct paints and primers.

Painting Aluminum Gutters

Vinyl gutters come in a wide variety of colors, but they are not as easy to paint. Most companies don’t recommend painting vinyl gutters, because the finish isn’t made to be painted. It’s still possible to do it, but we’re going to focus mainly on how to paint aluminum gutters this time around.

Using the Right Paint

Getting the right primer type makes a huge difference if you want a high-quality finish that lasts for years. Look for clear acrylic bonding primer and stay away from latex primers that have ammonia in them. As much as they may be convenient, don’t use a paint + primer combo either, because these usually also contain ammonia.

A primer without ammonia is essential, because the ammonia can react with oxidized aluminum and create bubbles underneath the paint. You might lose your new paint job within a few months or less, making all your efforts a waste of time. So, skip the ammonia-based primers and look for clear acrylic.

As far as paint choices, you have more options. It’s okay to look for any regular exterior latex paints. These are the same kind you would use painting the outside of your house, and they are okay to use on the gutters as long as you have primed appropriately.

Preparing Your Gutters for Painting

If there is paint already on your gutters, you need to remove it first before painting. You will also need to do gutter cleaning if you want to paint to bond properly to the aluminum. Use a cleaning solvent to help remove some of the long-standing dirt stains that have been on your gutters for years. Consider hiring a professional company to clean your gutters if they’re in too much of a mess.

It’s tempting to paint right over the dirt and old paint, but you really need to reconsider. Painting over old paint means your new primer and paint won’t properly bond with the metal surface of the gutters. It may look good for a while, but it won’t last as long as it should, and you may find yourself repainting within a few years because of peeling paint. The same goes for dirty gutters, because dirt will block the primer and paint from bonding to the metal surface directly.


It’s simple to paint aluminum gutters, as long as you have the right materials! Take your time to do it right the first time, so that you won’t have to re-do anything else later on.

Are Seamless Gutters Better Than Sectional Gutters?

Seamless Gutters

Gutters are a necessary part of your home’s structure. While all gutters are useful, there are different types of gutters that will have their own benefits. We’re going to look at seamless and sectional gutters to see which one may be a better choice for your home.

Seamless Vs. Sectional Gutters  

The difference between the two types of gutters is as obvious as it sounds. Seamless gutters don’t have any seams on the long sides, only around the downspouts and corners. Sectional gutters are made from separate pieces put together, creating a lot of seams.

Both types of gutters can be made with the same materials. The most common gutter materials are aluminum, steel, and vinyl. The vinyl gutters can come in a variety of colors, while the metal gutters are able to be painted if you want to change their look.

Cleaning Seamless Gutters

Each gutter system needs to be maintained the same way and at the same times, although seamless gutters are easier to clean than sectional gutters. You won’t have to worry about debris and dirt getting caught around the seam edges, so the cleanup is usually quicker and easier.

Seamless gutters need to be installed by a professional, which adds to the cost. They are usually higher cost anyway, even without the option for DIY installation, because they have to be customized to your home. Sectional gutters are a cheaper alternative, and you can choose to install them on your own if you have the ability. However, seamless gutters tend to last longer and have fewer issues during their lifespan. Sectional gutters are more prone to leak, especially around the long section seams.

Benefits of Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters are recommended by many construction professionals. What are the benefits that you won’t also get from sectional gutters? While both are useful and functional, seamless gutters do have a few distinct advantages:

  • Easier Gutter Cleaning

It’s really easy to clean out seamless gutters, since you won’t have large clogs around every seam. You can easily push dirt out of the entire gutters system.

  • Longer Lasting

Seams are usually the trouble spots for gutters. This is where moisture sits and creates rust, leaks, etc. Seamless gutters have far fewer leaks, make them last as lot longer without any additional maintenance needed.

  • Quicker Installation

Although you can’t install them yourself, seamless gutters are really quick to put up. Individual sections won’t need to be put up one by one, since it’s all one long piece for each side.

  • Higher Durability

For the same reason that seamless gutters last longer, they are also more durable. With fewer places to spring leaks or create clogs, seamless gutters are very durable to stand up to snow, ice, sticks, leaves, and rain more easily.

  • Less Moisture

When moisture sits in the gutters too long it can transfer into your home as well. Sectional gutters sometimes capture moisture unintentionally around the seams, while seamless gutters let a larger portion of the moisture dry up or drift past to the downspouts.

  • Better Looking + Home Value

Seamless gutters look sleek and attractive, not clunky or bulky. They can also increase the value of your home if you’re planning to sell it in the future.


Seamless gutters are a bigger initial investment than sectional gutters, but they’re worth considering because of the added benefits they give your home.

Tips For Taking Care Of Your Gutters

Taking Care Of Your Gutters

Taking care of your rain gutters by having them regularly cleaned, inspected, and if needed repaired by a professional will help you to keep them working properly for as long as possible.  It’s easy to forget about your rain gutters, but if you do you are going to end up regretting it. Maybe not tomorrow, or the next day, or next week, but at some point, you are going to realize that ignoring your gutters was a huge mistake.

Part of taking care of your gutters and downspouts is hiring a professional company to clean and inspect that twice a year or more. Another part of taking care of them is paying attention to any warning signs that there may be something wrong.  If you ever suspect there is a problem with your gutters, then call a professional company like We Get Gutters and have them come out to check them out as quickly as possible.

Taking Care of Your Gutters Will Help Them to Last Longer

If you have ever balked at the idea of paying a professional for gutter cleaning, then take a moment to think about how you would feel about paying to have new rain gutters installed.  Having new rain gutters installed on your home is going to cost you thousands of dollars.

If you think you can save money by doing it yourself, your probably wrong unless you are an experienced professional.  So, you are going to have to pay full price for installation.

Maybe you can save money by using vinyl gutters instead of a more expensive material like stainless steel? You could do that, but then you’d end up having gutters that wore out more quickly.  That would mean you would have to replace them sooner, which of course would mean more money out of your pocket.

Rather than trying to figure out ways to save money on your new rain gutters, wouldn’t it be smarter to instead figure out a way to make your current gutters last longer? Even lower-end gutters made from vinyl can usually last for several years if they are properly cared for.

If you have a more durable material, such as copper, then you could be looking at decades or even a lifetime of them lasting you. Wouldn’t that make more sense that preparing to pay someone thousands of dollars to install new gutters?

Copper Gutters

Why Do Neglected Gutters Fail More Quickly?

The gutters on a house are connected to a thin board called a fascia.  They are mounted using mounts and screws. The entire set up is designed to be as light as possible.  So, what do you think happens when you allow debris to pile up in them? Well, it adds weight to your gutters.

Added weight means added strain, which is going to end up causing your gutters to fail sooner than they would normally.  It may not be a lot of weight, but a little bit of weight that is constantly applying pressure to your gutters will cause them to fail.

If you are still on the fence about hiring a professional to clean your gutters and downspouts, then try to think of this as an investment rather than an expense.  Your home represents a sizeable financial asset for you, and you need to protect that asset.

That means making sure that regular maintenance is kept up in your home, which of course, includes having your gutters cleaned and inspected by a professional at least twice a year.

Why A Professional Gutter Cleaner Isn’t Just Your Best Option, It’s Your Only Option

When the time comes to clean your gutters, which should happen twice a year, hiring a company like We Get Gutters isn’t just a good option, it’s the only option you should be considering.  What about hiring a handyman?

Well, this is a mistake for a number of reasons. Think about this, do you think a handyman will be as good at cleaning gutters as a someone that only works on gutters for a living? Do you think he’ll have access to the same equipment? Will he care as much about doing the job the right way?

A professional gutter cleaning company can be counted on to do a better job because of the simple fact that they are going to care more than a handyman.  If a gutter cleaning company does a poor job their client can file a complaint about them. That, in turn, will damage their reputation, which can definitely impact their future ability to attract new business.

Professional Gutter Cleaner

In the rare event that a gutter cleaning company does a poor job and won’t correct the problem, then you have the added assurance of knowing that they are licensed, bonded, and insured.  That means that if they do a bad job, damage your home, or suffer an injury on the job you aren’t liable.

On the other hand, should a handyman do any of these things you could be looking at some serious financial ramifications.  In fact, not only will you probably have to pay for any damages they cause, you will also probably end up having to pay for any medical bills they have due to injuries they suffer while cleaning your gutters.

So, what you have to decide is whether you want to try to save a little money up front by hiring a handyman to clean your gutters, or if you want to make the smart move and hire a professional.  If you still aren’t certain then try picturing a handyman standing on top of a ladder armed with a bucket and a hose. Then picture a gutter cleaning professional armed with a high-pressure water sprayer.  Who do you think is going to do a better job?

What Causes Gutters to Get Clogged

The rain gutters and downspouts on your house are there to help control the flow of rainwater and direct it to where it won’t cause any damage to your home.  Unfortunately, rain gutters also excel at capture leaves, twigs, pine needles, insect, bird droppings, and all manner of things that will end up clogging them up.  There really is no way to avoid having your gutters collect debris, which means that there is no way to avoid having them cleaned.

Are Gutter Guards the Answer?

After realizing that rain gutters get clogged, and hearing that there is nothing you can do to prevent this, many people choose to question this.  They choose to look for a solution to a problem when the obvious solution of simply having your rain gutters cleaned on a regular basis already exists.  So, some people make the mistake of turning to gutter guards.

Gutter guards sound amazing.  They are screens, covers, and various other devices that are designed to sit on top of, or inside of your rain gutters to keep them from getting clogged.  But, like many other things in life that seem too good to be true, gutter guards are as well. Gutter guards generally fail for one of two reasons.

They either succeed in keeping rain gutters clear but fail by reflecting away too much water, or they get clogged themselves which can cause a rain gutter to collapse from the added weight.

Gutter guards that utilize a solid guard on the top of them actually do quite well at keeping debris from getting into the rain gutters.  But, guess what else they are quite good at keeping out of a rain gutter? Water. When you have a cover over your gutters this cover will end up reflecting away at least some of the water that is directed toward the gutter.

Gutter Guards

When that happens, the water will usually end up pooling at the base of your home, where it can do a lot of damage. In many respects, this is quite a bit like having no rain gutters at all. In other words, a gutter cover defeats the ability of a gutter guard to do its job.

If you opt for a screen style gutter guard, these don’t have the flaw that causes them to reflect water away, which is definitely a good thing.  Unfortunately, they too have a flaw that makes them ineffective. That flaw is that they tend to trap debris, and in time they will cave in and block your gutter.  Then you end up with a blockage, which can make water spill over the side of your gutters, or it can cause your gutters to collapse. In either case, this is not a good situation to be in.

On top of being ineffective, gutter guards will also cost you money, and they will wear your gutters out more quickly.  Gutter guards not only cost you money when they are installed but since you still have to pay to have your gutters cleaned they will cost you money here as well.  After all, you don’t think that the gutter cleaning company you hire is going to do extra work for free now, do you?

Do gutter guards really shorten the life of a rain gutter system necessitating gutter replacement? They absolutely do.  What you have to remember is that your rain gutters were designed to be as light as possible while still being strong enough to support the water that they help to channel.  When you add weight to a rain gutter, even a little weight, in time that weight will speed up the demise of that rain gutter.

What Kinds of Problems Can Water Damage Result In?

If you are wondering just what kind of damage you can be looking at if your rain gutters fail, well, it’s quite severe.  When water gets into your home through a small, slow leak, you are most likely going to end up with toxic black mold as your main problem.  Yes, it is as bad as it sounds. Believe it or not, there are mold spores all around us.

They are just sitting there waiting for an opportunity to become active, and then they spread.  When that happens, you can end up with a major mold problem in only a few days, which is why it’s so important that you keep water from getting into your home. That means ensuring your rain gutters and downspouts are in good condition at all times.

While toxic black mold is bad enough, it’s actually not the worst thing you can expect in terms of water damage caused by leaking or faulty gutters.  The worst thing that could happen is damage to the foundation of your home. This happens when water pools at the base of your house, then seep underground.

From there it enters the small cracks that are present in the foundation of every home. This water isn’t really a problem as long as the weather is warm. But, when the temperatures drop below freezing that water will turn to ice, expand, and then split your home’s foundation open.

Taking Care of Your Gutters and Downspouts Is an Important Part of Home Maintenance

Being a homeowner means that you have a responsibility to maintain your home.  Not only do you want to maintain it so that it remains a place you enjoy living, but also so you can protect its value.  A failing or leaking rain gutter system opens your home up to all manner of problems in terms of water damage. Water damage can be so destructive that it can actually end up costing you your home.

If you want to protect your home from the threat of water damage you need to protect and maintain its first line of defense, the rain gutters.  If the rain gutters on your home fail then your home is going to suffer water damage. There’s really no way to avoid it at this point. The good news is that keeping your rain gutters and downspouts in great condition really isn’t that hard to do.  It’s also not that expensive.

All you need to do is hire a professional to come out and clean and inspect your rain gutters. You need a professional that you can trust, and if that’s what you are looking for then you should definitely call We Get Gutters.

Why It’s So Important to Keep Your Rain Gutters in Great Condition

Keeping Gutters in Good Condition

Regular gutter cleaning is essential if you want to keep your rain gutters and downspouts in great condition so that they can do their job.  That’s right, those rain gutters on your home aren’t just there for show, they are there to protect your home from the damage that uncontrolled rainwater will cause.  It’s not a matter of if rainwater will damage your home if your gutters don’t work properly, it’s a matter of how much damage will it cause?

It’s far too easy to forget about gutter maintenance.  When your gutters and downspouts are doing their jobs, then everything is great.  The problem here though is that in many cases even when your rain gutters are not working properly, you don’t have a lot of warning signs.  Sure, you may see a dripping or drooping rain gutter, but in many cases, you either won’t see a sign like this or you won’t notice it if it is there.

This is why having a gutter cleaning service, by a reputable professional company like We Get Gutters™, is so important. Rather than leaving it to chance that your gutters are in good shape, you are much better off ensuring that they are by having regular gutter cleaning and gutter maintenance done.

The Consequences of Neglecting Your Gutters

When most people are confronted with the realities of what happens when they don’t have their gutters and downspouts cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, they are generally astonished at just how much damage can occur.  There’s a reason that rain gutters and downspouts are prominent features on every home or building in a climate where there is significant rainfall. That reason is simple, they protect homes and building from water damage

When it rains water hits the roof of your home, then controlled by gravity it is pulled downward toward the ground.  Do you think that all of that water cares where it’s going? Of course not, it’s just water after all. If you have a properly functioning rain gutter system then that was is collected in your gutters, funneled down your downspouts, and ends up being deposited in parts of your yard where it will not cause problems.

Neglected Gutters

If you don’t have a properly functioning rain gutter system than all of that water is going to end up wherever the path of least resistance allows it to get to.  That often means getting inside of your home or pooling on the ground where it will end up seeping into your home’s foundation. If it gets into your home then it’s going to end up causing toxic black mold to spread.  If it gets into your home’s foundation, and it freezes, then it’s going to damage the foundation and possibly destroy your home.

Not having a gutter cleaning service come out and clean and inspect your rain gutters on a regular basis not only exposes your home to a lot of potential water damage, it will also usually end up causing your rain gutters to fail prematurely.  When that happens if you are lucky you will be able to hire a company to come out and repair your gutters. If you are not lucky then you are going to end up having to have your rain gutters replaced, which can get quite expensive.

How Much Will It Cost to Replace Your Gutters?

First of all, if you end up having to replace your gutters due to allowing them to fall into a state of disrepair, don’t compound the problem by trying to install the new gutters yourself.  Not only will you run the risk of making a mistake and damaging your home or your new gutters, you also run the risk of not installing your new gutters properly. That can cause them to fail, or it can cause them to not work right and cause water damage to your home.

The second thing you need to remember when you are planning to have new rain gutters installed is that this is not the time to go cheap.  Will vinyl gutters cost you less money than aluminum gutters? Yes. Will segmented gutters cost you less money than seamless gutters? Again, yes.  But, choosing less expensive options will lead you to have to replace your gutters again sooner, and it will also usually end up costing you more money to have them cleaned.

So, getting back to the point here, how much will it cost? On the low end, using vinyl, segmented gutters, you are probably going to end up spending around a thousand dollars.  If you decide to invest in a better material, such as aluminum, then you are going to be looking at about double that. If you decide to go with the best gutters, copper seamless gutters, then you will be looking at a bill in the range of several thousand dollars.

The point here isn’t that installing new gutters is expensive, it’s that installing new gutters is expensive and largely avoidable.  Sure, there are natural problems like a falling tree branch that can knock down your gutters that you can’t do much about. But, what you can do a lot about is have regular gutter cleaning done by a professional.  This will keep your gutters from being weighed down by excessive debris, which is the main factor that contributes to most rain gutter systems failing

Not only will neglecting your gutters end up in them failing prematurely, it’s not going to alleviate the underlying problem.  If you spend all of that money replacing your gutters, then neglect them again, they are going to fail again. So, even if you replace your rain gutters you are still going to end up having to pay to have the new ones cleaned unless you want to end up paying to have them replaced again in the near future.

Gutter Guard

Gutter Guards Will Not Protect Your Gutters

After learning that debris building up in your gutters will lead to them failing prematurely, you may be considering having gutter guards installed.  From a purely logical standpoint, this would seem to make sense. Gutter guards are devices, with a wide variety of designs, that claim to be able to keep leaves, twigs, pine needles, and various other sources of debris from getting into your gutters.  If gutter guards really worked then they would be an investment that every homeowner should make.

Unfortunately, gutter guards don’t work as advertised.  In fact, there is overwhelming evidence to prove that they don’t work.  The biggest evidence that is out there is the fact that there are so many gutter cleaning services out there.  If gutter guards really worked would there be a demand for gutter cleaning companies? Of course, there wouldn’t, so the fact that there are so many gutter cleaning companies out there is a clear indication that gutter guards don’t work.

There are two different primary designs that are used for gutter guards.  The first design is a solid cover that goes over the top of a rain gutter that is designed to provide a barrier that prevents debris from getting into a rain gutter.  The good news here is that this type of design is actually quite effective at keeping out debris. That bad news is that it’s also quite effective at keeping out water.  This type of gutter guard fails because it allows water to reflect off of the top of it, which produces a similar effect as not having any rain gutter at all.

The other type of design that is most frequently used is a type of mesh that either sits on top of a gutter or sits inside of it.  While a mesh design is far less likely to reflect water away, it is also much more likely to allow debris to get trapped in it. So, a mesh type gutter guard may slow down the process of your gutters get clogged, but it won’t stop it.  On top of that, it adds weight to your rain gutters, which will place extra strain on them, which will contribute to them failing more rapidly.

Hiring A Professional for Gutter Cleaning and Gutter Maintenance Is Your Best Option

So, your rain gutters will fail more quickly if they are weighed down by debris, which exposes your home to the risk of significant water damage.  Gutter guards are ineffective. That really leaves only one option, and that option is to have a professional gutter cleaning service come out and clean and inspect your gutters on a regular basis.

Hiring a professional for gutter cleaning and gutter maintenance offers a number of advantages.  The most obvious advantage is that it keeps your gutters from getting clogged up with debris. This will help them to last longer, and it will also help to prevent your home from suffering water damage.  On top of that, regular inspections by a professional will also allow you to be made aware of small problems in your gutters before they become big problems. That can mean the difference between a minor repair that costs next to nothing and having to pay for repairs that can financially cripple you.

If you do make the smart choice and decide to hire someone to clean and inspect your gutters, make sure that the person or company you hire is an actual professional.  A professional gutter cleaning company will be licensed, bonded, and insured, which protects you financially in the unlikely event that there is some kind of accident during the gutter cleaning process.

They also have technicians that are experts, and they make use of the best gutter cleaning equipment. The bottom line is that if you want the best results, and don’t want to expose yourself to any financial liability, then hiring a professional company is the only option you should be considering.

Why We Get Gutters™ Is the Best Option for You

If you are looking for a gutter cleaning company that you can trust to do an outstanding job, while still charging you a price that is fair, then We Get Gutters should be your first choice.  We Get Gutters™ is a reputable, professional, gutter cleaning company that provides the best service possible. They know that their reputation is the key to their continuing success, and because of that, they will do just about anything to make their clients happy.

Interested in finding out exactly how much it will cost you to have your gutters cleaned and inspected by We Get Gutters™? No problem, you can go to their website and fill out some basic information and be given an accurate quote.  They really do go out of their way to make the process of having your gutters cleaned and inspected as simple as possible for you.

Hiring A Professional to Clean and Inspect Your Gutters Isn’t an Expense It’s an Investment

The number one reason that people ignore their gutters and don’t hire a professional to clean them is due to a desire to save money.  Ask yourself, is it really worth saving a few hundred dollars a year if it forces you to expose yourself to tens of thousands of dollars of possible water damage repair bills? Of course, this is not a good trade-off.  If you want to save money there are other ways you can save money, you should never put your home at risk to save such a small amount of money. It really is that simple.

If you are still hesitant to “waste” money on having your gutters cleaned, then try thinking of it as an investment rather than an expense.  It’s an investment because it’s going to pay off by protecting your home and preventing you from having to spend a lot of money to repair it.

As a homeowner, you really do need to keep on top of things to ensure that your home appreciates in value over time. One of the best ways to do this is by hiring a professional gutter cleaning company that you can trust.  If you are looking for that company then you definitely need to contact We Get Gutters™ today.

Gutter Problems You Should Never Ignore

Gutter Problems

If you live in a region where there is moderate to heavy rainfall then you probably have gutters on your house.  You have gutters on your house, not for their decorative effects, although some can be quite beautiful, rather they are there instead for a more practical purpose.  They are there to control rainwater as it is coming off of your roof so that it doesn’t end up causing damage to your home. Rainwater might be great for the environment, but if it isn’t controlled and kept from getting into damaging places in your home, then it definitely will not be great for you.

When raindrops hit your roof, they start to slowly slide down the sides of the roof as gravity guides them on their journey to the ground below.  What happens if that journey happens to deliver them to a place where they will accumulate and end up causing damage to your home? Well, water doesn’t care where it ends up, it is at the mercy of gravity and will take the path of least resistance as it journeys from your rooftop to the ground below.

The key to keeping water from getting into places where it will cause damage is to provide it with rain gutters that will direct where it flows to.  Rain gutters provide that all-important path of least resistance, and direct water where it will not do any harm. If you own a home and make home maintenance a priority like you should, then you definitely need to pay attention to your gutters.

What Are Common Signs of Gutter Problems?

There are many signs that are easily recognizable that indicate that you probably have a problem with your rain gutters, you just have to make sure you are paying attention to your home and looking for them.  One sign that should be obvious are drooping gutters, this is especially problematic if you have traditional seamed gutters. When debris accumulates in them over time the weigh begins to place additional strain on the gutters, especially at the joints.  This often causes the gutters to begin to sag, and eventually collapse. If you see signs that your gutters are sagging then it’s time to call a professional.

Another obvious sign of gutter damage or problems that you should be on the lookout for is if water is spilling over the sides of your gutters during a rainstorm.  While it’s normal for a tiny amount of water to escape your gutters if you see a stream of water pouring out of the top of your rain gutter then you probably have a fairly significant blockage in there that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.  Not only will the water pouring over the side of the gutter cause damage to your home, a blockage will also place a strain on your gutters which could lead to them being damaged or even destroyed.

If you live in a cold weather climate then one thing you really need to be on the lookout for are ice dams.  What is an ice dam? An ice dam is a dangerous build-up of ice in your rain gutter that will often lead to the gutter failing and collapsing.  If anyone or anything is underneath your gutter when this happens, the results can be disastrous.

What Causes Gutter Problems?

If you have noticed problems with your gutters you may be wondering what could have led to the problem.  While it is true that sometimes problems will spring up out of nowhere, the majority of the time gutter problems arise from neglect.  Gutters, when functioning properly, do a wonderful job of controlling rainwater and directing it away from your home, which prevents water damage.  Unfortunately, those same passageways that direct water off of your roof and away from your home also tend to collect other things in them as well. Those things include pine needles, insects, bird droppings, leaves, and a multitude of other types of debris.

What happens when the amount of debris your home’s gutters begins to grow beyond a safe level? Quite a few things could happen, and none of them are good.  Rain gutters are designed to be lightweight and efficient, so adding weight in the form of debris to them is never a good thing. Additional weight leads to gutters sagging and even collapsing.  Blockages lead to water spilling over the sides of gutters. The important takeaway here is that most of the time these are issues that can be avoided by simply properly cleaning and maintaining your gutters.

One of the main causes of gutter damage involves the use of gutter guards.  Gutter guards are various devices that are sold that claim to be able to keep your gutters from getting clogged up with debris.  How can something that prevents debris from getting into your gutters make things worse? It’s simple, they don’t work anywhere near as well as they claim to.

While they may slow down the accumulation of debris in gutters, they don’t stop it. This causes homeowners to have a false sense of security thinking that their gutters are fine, when in fact, they are not.  If your home has gutter guards on it, make sure that you still have your gutters cleaned and inspected on a regular basis or you will probably end up regretting it.

Neglected Gutter

Ignoring A Gutter Problem Won’t Make It Go Away It Will Make It Worse

One of the worst things you can do is you suspect that you have problems with your gutters is to ignore it.  Ignoring gutter problems won’t make them go away, in fact, it’s going to end up making things much worse. For example, if you have a blockage caused by debris, that blockage will only grow as more and more debris gets deposited into it.

This causes the blockage to get worse, which results in more water spilling over the gutter sides, possibly seeping into your home’s foundation, and into other parts of your home as well. Additional weight caused by a blockage that is increasing in size will also cause your gutters to sag, and eventually collapse.

In addition to the concern of having your rain gutters collapse, there is an even bigger problem you face if you have a gutter problem and choose to ignore it.  That problem is water damage. Water can be incredibly damaging to a home, which is why homes have rain gutters in the first place. Water seeping into your home will almost always end up causing you to have a toxic black mold problem.

Water seeping into your foundation will expand when temperatures drop below freezing, which will usually lead to foundation damage. The point here is that if you suspect you have a gutter problem the last thing you should do is ignore it and hope that it goes away.  Because it won’t get away, it will only get worse.

What Should You Do If You Suspect You Have A Gutter Problem?

Since ignoring rain gutter problems is never a good idea, what should you do if you suspect you have a problem? You should call a professional out to clean and inspect your gutters.  A professional gutter cleaner can quickly determine if you have a serious problem, and they can either repair it or suggest someone to you that can repair it for you.

Many people don’t realize that one of the biggest benefits of hiring a gutter cleaning company is that you gain access to a set of skilled eyes that will be closely inspecting your gutters during the cleaning process.  In fact, if you had invested in hiring a professional to clean your gutters on a regular basis, there’s a very good chance that you wouldn’t have the issue with your gutters that you are currently trying to deal with.

Make Sure You Choose A Gutter Cleaning Company You Can Trust

Once you have hopefully made the right decision and are looking for a gutter cleaning company that you can trust, you need to be sure that you hire a professional company.  You need to hire a company that employs highly trained experts, and a company that provides those experts with the training and tools that they will need to do the job the right way.  You need a company that is licensed, bonded, and insured, and that has a reputation for excellence in the industry. That means that you need to hire We Get Gutters™.

We Get Gutters™ is an experienced gutter cleaning company that is committed to providing the best possible service to their customers.  They make it a point of emphasis to all of their employees that they are meticulous when they are cleaning the gutters on your home, and that they pay close attention so that they can spot any problems in your gutters or downspouts.  When they come to your home and finish the job, they want you to feel confident that your gutters are clean, and that there aren’t any hidden problems that could lead to water damage or your gutters failing.

Professional Gutter Cleaning

We Get Gutters™ is also a licensed, bonded, and insured company, which means that you won’t ever have to be concerned about any financial liability when they are working on your property.  This is in stark contrast to a handyman service, which many people make the mistake of hiring. When you hire a handyman, you are exposing yourself to a lot of risks.

If they damage your home you are going to have to pay for it.  If they end up injured on the job, then there’s a good chance you will end up paying for that as well. On top of that, it’s very unlikely that any handyman you hire will be able to perform at the same level as one of the experts from We Get Gutters™ .

Being Proactive with Home Maintenance Is Definitely the Best Approach to Take

When it comes to home maintenance the best approach you can take will always involve being proactive.  If you are reactive, that means that you are waiting for a problem to arise and then you deal with it. This is always going to cost you more money because instead of paying for simple cleaning and maintenance, you are going to be paying for repairs.  If the area of your home that needs repairs can actually lead to damage to other parts of your home, then you are going to be facing an even bigger repair bill.

In regards to gutter cleaning, it is particularly important that you take a proactive approach.  Gutters need to be cleaned on a regular basis and inspected by a professional. If they aren’t then debris will build up, which can lead to gutter collapsing, and your home suffering significant water damage.  The fact that people opt to forego gutter cleaning is even more confounding when you consider that having your gutters cleaned by a professional like We Get Gutters, is actually quite inexpensive.

While having your gutters cleaned is inexpensive, dealing with the fallout of ignoring and neglecting your gutters is usually quite expensive.  With water damage, foundation damage, or black mold infestation you are going to be looking at a repair bill easily in the range of thousands of dollars.  In the event of foundation damage, you could be looking at a bill in the range of well over ten thousand dollars in many cases.

So, ask yourself, wouldn’t it make more sense instead to hire a professional like We Get Gutters to come out to clean and inspect your gutters so you can avoid these kinds of problems? Of course, it would.  Whether you currently suspect you have a gutter problem, or you are trying to avoid having to deal with one, We Get Gutters™ can help you. If you are ready to schedule your appointment they offer the convenience of online scheduling, so there’s no reason you can’t get the expert help that you need.