The Cost of Replacing Your Gutters

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When Is It Time to Replace Your Rain Gutters?

Nobody likes having to pay to have their rain gutters replaced, but there comes a time when it becomes unavoidable.  So, how do you know that it’s time to replace your rain gutters? Well, there are usually some obvious signs that you should always be on the lookout for.  But, even if you see these signs of damage it doesn’t necessarily mean that your gutters need to be replaced. In fact, there’s a good chance they simply need to be cleaned and repaired.  This would be great news because gutter installation isn’t exactly cheap.

The thing is that unless you are an expert, you probably have no idea if your gutters can be repaired of they actually need to be replaced.  That means that you really should call a professional out if you suspect that you have a problem. In fact, you really should have a professional come out and inspect your gutters on a regular basis even if everything seems fine.  This will not only keep your gutters in better shape so they will last longer, it will also help you to monitor for small problems that may not be readily apparent.

Getting back to the original issue, what other obvious signs are there that you probably have a rain gutter probably in addition to drooping gutters? If you have gutters that are leaking at the seams, this is another bad sign.  As is a rain gutter that has water pouring over the side of it. As a general rule of thumb, if things seem out of place with your rain gutters, the best thing you can do is call a professional out to inspect them. Then, they can tell you what the problem is, and then advise you as to whether or not you need to replace your rain gutters.

Risks Associated with Having Damaged Gutters

If gutter cost has got you second-guessing your decision to have new gutters installed, then this could turn out to be a very expensive mistake on your part.  Those rain gutters aren’t just on your house for show, they are there to do an important job. That job is to protect your home from water damage. Without rain gutters, rainwater would just flow off of your roof and end up wherever the path of least resistance takes it.  If that path is inside of your home, then so be it. Rainwater doesn’t care where it ends up, but you definitely should.

Rainwater can be incredibly damaging to a home.  From toxic black mold to foundation damage, if your rain gutters aren’t doing their job then you could end up with all sorts of expensive problems.  Did you know that faulty rain gutters can actually be dangerous? That’s right, rain gutters can be a hazard. When you think about it this really does make perfect sense.

Rain gutters are attached to the roofs of houses, which means they are pretty high in the air.  So, what happens if they fall on someone? Or, worse yet what if they get clogged, then form an ice dam during the winter that ends up falling on someone? The point here is that ignoring your gutter problem won’t make it go away and it could and probably will actually make things much worse.

Investing in Higher-Quality Gutters Is Usually Well Worth It

Once you realize that ignoring your gutter problem is a terrible idea, and if repairs are not possible, then it’s time to get down to business and pick new rain gutters.  Your first instinct might be to choose the cheapest option you can find, and that would be traditional vinyl gutters that have seams. While this can save you money up front, in the long run, it’s much more likely to cost you money.

Vinyl gutters will not last as long as gutters made from stronger materials. They have seams in them as well, which is a weak point that tends to attract debris and leads to leaks, sagging gutters, and also collapsed gutters. Now, if vinyl is all that you can afford then it’s certainly better than having no gutters at all.  But, if you can afford a more durable material then you should definitely invest in doing so.

When you are choosing your new rain gutters and may be looking at spending more money to get a better product, the prospect of gutter guards may be presented to you.  Gutter guards are various types of devices that are all designed to help keep debris from getting trapped in your gutters. In theory, they sound great. But, in reality, they leave a lot to be desired.

Gutters Guards

There are basically two types of gutter guards.  Type one uses a solid barrier, like a cover, that is designed to keep debris from entering the gutter.  Type two uses some type of mesh that sits in the gutter that is supposed to trap debris can keep it from entering the gutter.

The barrier type of gutter guard does work pretty well at keeping debris out, but it also reflects away quite a bit of water, which kind of defeats the entire purpose of having gutter guards.  The mesh type of gutter guard doesn’t reflect away as much water, but it does tend to collapse as debris builds up in it.

The point here is that you are much better off investing in a higher-quality rain gutter than you are wasting your money on something like gutter guards.  Not only are the ineffective, and an up-front cost you don’t need to incur, they will likely end up costing you money long-term as well.

That’s because you still need to hire a professional to clean your gutters on a regular basis, and they are going to charge you more due to the labor involved with removing and then re-installing gutter guards.  On top of that, gutter guards can actually shorten the life of a rain gutter system, which means having to replace it sooner, which of course, costs you more money.

How Much Is It Going to Cost to Have New Rain Gutters Installed?

If you need to have new gutters installed then gutter cost is probably going to be a primary concern for you.  The following is a list of cost per foot of gutter based on material, labor is going to be an additional charge.

•    Vinyl $3 to $5 per foot.

•    Stainless Steel $4 to $8 per foot.

•    Aluminum $4 to $9 per foot.

•    Copper about $20 per foot.

As mentioned before, it’s going to cost more money for a higher quality material, but once again, a higher quality material will last longer in most cases.  That means that a higher up-front investment will generally be worth it. Now, as far as labor goes, that’s going to depend on the type of gutter you are having installed.  Labor will run you around $1,000 on the low end, to upwards of about $2,500 on the high end when you opt for seamless gutters.

While you may be tempted to try to cut your labor cost by hiring a handyman instead of a professional, this is never a good idea.  A handyman will likely perform a lower quality of work, and they also won’t be licensed, bonded, and insured. Choosing the right company for gutter installation is just as important if not more so than choosing the right materials. After all, do you really want to spend a lot of money on new rain gutters and downspouts only to have a handyman damage or ruin them during installation?

Neglected Gutters

What Led to Your Rain Gutters Needing to Be Replaced?

After seeing the costs associated with gutter installation, you may be wondering what brought you to this point.  While it’s true that there are times when replacing your rain gutters can’t be avoided, in many cases, rain gutters need to be replaced because they haven’t been properly cared for.  Like any other part of your home, if you want to keep it in good condition and help it to last as long as possible, your rain gutters need attention.

When rain gutters are neglected the number one threat to them involves the weight from the debris that is allowed to accumulate in them.  Rain gutters are attached to the roof of your home securely, but they aren’t attached with the intention that they will be supporting a lot of weight.  So, what happens when you add a lot of debris to the equation? Well, this puts additional strain on the gutters. This additional strain can lead to gutters sagging and even collapsing.

Debris tends to build up in the seams of traditional segmented gutters which can lead to not only sagging and collapsing but also in the seams cracking and leaking.  Not only will neglected rain gutters likely fail sooner than they should, they will also end up causing damage to your home. The bottom line is simple, rain gutters need to be cleaned, inspected, and maintained if you want them to last and do their job.

How can you ensure that your rain gutters don’t end up neglected so that they fail on you? You need to hire a professional to clean and inspect them on a regular basis.  There’s really no other way to effectively protect your gutters. You can clean them yourself, and that’s certainly a better option than doing nothing, but you won’t be able to inspect them for damage the same way that a professional will.  You won’t be able to spot hidden dangers and other potential problems before they become major problems.

When choosing a gutter cleaning company, you should have the same mindset that you have when you are choosing a gutter installer.  That is, you should only consider hiring a professional. A professional gutter cleaner will not only do a better job than any handyman you could hire, they will also give you the all-important benefit of their expert eyes taking a close look at your gutters.

This is the key to preventing gutter damage. So, how do you choose the right gutter cleaning company? You make sure they are licensed, bonded, and insured. You also make sure that they have a history of satisfied customers. That means you need a company like We Get Gutters™.

Why Hiring We Get Gutters Is the Best Option for You

When you are looking for a professional gutter cleaning company that you can trust you don’t need to look any further than We Get Gutters.  They are an experienced company that takes great pride in what they do. Sure, gutter cleaning isn’t the most glamorous job in the world, but it’s a very important job.

The expert technicians that they employ treat each job as if they were working on their own home. They thoroughly clean your gutters and clean up the mess that is made in the process, so when they leave your gutters will look and function as good as they did when they were new.

Not only will We Get Gutters™ do an outstanding job at cleaning your gutters, they also make it a point to carefully inspect them while they are cleaning them.  If they spot a problem they can often fix the problem without too much difficulty. If they spot a major problem then they will inform you about it so that you can arrange to have it fixed.

Your home is a major investment for you, which means you need to take care of it.  The rain gutters on your home are there to protect your home from water damage. So, you need to take care of them.  The cost of hiring a great gutter cleaning company like We Get Gutters is minimal compared to the cost of replacing your gutters and dealing with potential water damage.  What you need to do is make the smart and responsible decision, and that decision is to hire We Get Gutters to clean and inspect your rain gutters on a regular basis.

The Danger of Ice Dams

Ice Dams

What Is an Ice Dam?

An ice dam is a build-up of ice in a rain gutter that blocks water from flowing through the gutter and generally prevents a rain gutter from doing what it is designed to do.  The rain gutters on your house aren’t just there for decoration, they are there to do a very important job. That job involves taking all of the rainwater that hits your roof and directing it to a place where it won’t cause any damage.  

Water damage is nothing to laugh at, and you can easily end up with a repair bill in the range of several thousands of dollars or more. Hopefully, you are paying attention now since you should realize that your rain gutters are very important since they can help you to avoid any of these extremely costly repairs.

Now, getting back to the original issue, an ice dam is a build-up of ice that blocks water.  But it’s much more than that as well. It’s a sign that rain gutters are in a state of neglect, which should be a major red flag that helps you to realize that you need to start paying attention to them.  An ice dam is also dangerous, so if you are spurred to action then you should be acting quickly.

What Causes Ice Dams to Form?

An ice dam is an issue that is obviously a cold weather problem.  After all, you probably won’t have to worry about ice forming in your gutters in the middle of summer.  But, with winter approaching the time to start thinking about ice dams, what forms them, and what you can do to prevent them is now.  

Ice dams form when debris is allowed to build up in rain gutters, which then slows down or blocks the flow of water. When that water sits there for long enough, and temperatures drop below freezing, it will turn into ice and for a dam.  Over time more and more water will get trapped behind the dam, along with other debris, and the dam will continue to grow.

While water getting trapped in debris is what starts an ice dam, it’s what allows that debris to accumulate in the first place that is the underlying cause of the problem.  What causes that underlying debris to build up to a level where it causes problems? In a word, neglect. If you neglect your rain gutters and allow debris to build up in them, you are asking for trouble.  Even if you manage to avoid an ice dam, neglecting your rain gutters can lead to a host of other major problems that you should want nothing to do with.

Ice Dam Formation

What Are the Dangers of An Ice Dam?

An ice dam is actually one of the most dangerous types of gutter problems you can have.  Think about it for a minute, your rain gutters are quite a distance above the ground, right? This is especially true when you have a multi-story house.  So, when you have a large, hard, and heavy chunk of ice sitting in a thin gutter above people’s heads, this should obviously look like a dangerous situation to you.  The biggest danger associated with an ice dam is a total or partially collapsed rain gutter. If someone happens to be under that when it happens they could end up seriously injured.

From a financial standpoint, an ice dam represents a serious risk as well.  When an ice dam forms it will frequently lead to significant rain gutter damage.  Sometimes you’ll get lucky and only need to have your gutters repaired. Other times, however, you will end up having to replace an entire segment of your rain gutter system.  This can be especially expensive if you have custom made seamless gutters since you will have to pay an expert to not only fabricate a new segment of the gutter for you but also to fabricate one that matches the rest of your gutters.

On top of the risk of a catastrophic failure, an ice dam can also weaken the joints of a gutter, and gutter hangers, causing the gutters to droop.  If they droop then they could end up leaking, which could lead to water seeping into your house. Or water could end up pooling on the ground in front of your house, which can lead to foundation damage.  The point here is that ice dams are a significant danger and you need to do whatever you can to protect your rain gutters so you can avoid having to deal with them.

What Is the Best Way to Prevent an Ice Dam from Forming?

The most effective way of protecting your home from the danger of ice dams is to ensure that your rain gutters and downspouts are cleaned out on a regular basis.  Now, you could try to clean them out and inspect them on your own, but there are a number of reasons you probably don’t want to take on a job of this magnitude. First, it’s really hard work.  

There’s a reason that there are a lot of gutter cleaning companies in business, and that’s because cleaning gutters is nobody’s idea of a good time. It’s time-consuming, disgusting, and very physically demanding work.  If you do decide to try to clean your gutters yourself, you’ll probably end up doing a very poor job since you will be focused on just getting it done as quickly as possible.

When you take the approach of just trying to get a job done for the sake of having it done, there’s no way you will be thorough and careful enough to properly clean your gutters.  That means you are going to miss things. You are going to leave behind little bits of debris here and there. You won’t properly spray out your gutters and downspouts.

On top of all of that, you also will probably be armed with equipment that falls well short of what professionals use.  All of this will add up to a poorly executed gutter cleaning job. At best you will have to deal with getting your gutters cleaned again in the near future since the job wasn’t done right this time. At worst, you will make a mistake that causes your gutters to fail and need replacing.

If you really want to reduce the chances that you are going to end up having to deal with an ice dam the only way to accomplish this is by hiring a professional gutter cleaning company to come out and clean and inspect your rain gutters and downspouts at least twice a year.  Ideally, you will have a gutter cleaner come out and inspect your gutters prior to the onset of winter just to ensure that you don’t have debris built up anywhere in your gutters that could end up causing an ice dam to form.

In addition to cleaning out your gutters, a professional will also take the time to inspect them while them as they are cleaning them.  This will enable them to spot little problem areas that the average person wouldn’t be able to spot.

These are exactly the kinds of problems that you are going to miss when you are in a hurry and trying to get your gutters cleaned quickly.  Spotting small problems is very important because small problems inevitably become big problems. When that happens, you could be looking at some very expensive repairs being necessary.

Gutter Guards Are Not A Solution

Many people make the mistake of having gutter guards installed on their homes thinking that they will eliminate the need to have their gutters cleaned and that they will also eliminate the risk of an ice dam forming.  Unfortunately, people who are under this impression are mistaken. The truth is that gutter guards do not eliminate the need to have your rain gutters cleaned no a regular basis. Because gutter guards can hide the signs that you have a problem, like a blockage, they can actually increase the odds of an ice dam forming.

If you have already spent money having gutter guards installed then the best thing you can do is have them removed.  At this point, this is a sunk cost, so it’s better to cut your losses now. If you decide to keep your gutter guards they are only going to end up costing you more money in the long run.  

Gutter guards cause a gutter cleaning company to have to do extra work since they have to be removed and re-installed every time your gutters are cleaned. Since they also increase the odds of an ice dam forming, it should be clear that gutter guards are not the answer you were hoping that they were.

Choosing the Right Gutter Cleaning Company

Obviously, you need to hire a gutter cleaning company in order to take care of your gutters and protect your home from water damage.  But you don’t want to hire just any gutter cleaning company, you need a gutter cleaning company that you can trust. You need an experienced company that has a history of outstanding customer service.  You need a company that his licensed, bonded, and insured so that you are covered in the event of any kind of accident.

How do you find a company that meets these requirements? It’s simple, you do your homework.  You just go online, do a little research, and find a reputable gutter cleaning company that is properly licensed and insured.  Spending the time making sure a company meets these qualifications is well worth it because it will ensure that you find a company that you can trust with an important part of your home’s regular maintenance.

The main reason that most people will give when asked why they don’t hire a gutter cleaning company is wanting to avoid the expense.  When you think about it, this is a terrible way to try to save money. First of all, gutter cleaning is inexpensive, so even if you skip paying to have it done you’ll be saving a few hundred dollars a year at most.  

Second, gutter cleaning is a necessary part of home maintenance. Without regular cleaning rain, gutters get clogged, which will lead to a lot of other problems. From failing gutters that need to be replaced, to gutters that allow water to damage your home, the problems that arise from gutter neglect are numerous.

Ice Dam Prevention

Hiring We Get Gutters™ Is Your Best Option

If you really don’t have the time to spend searching for a gutter cleaning company that you can trust, there’s an alternative approach you should consider.  That approach couldn’t be simpler, you just contact We Get Gutters™ . We Get Gutters is a professional gutter cleaning company that is licensed, bonded, and insured.  They employ technicians that are experts at what they do, and these experts are provided with the best tools and equipment in the industry.

If you’ve decided you are interested in hiring We Get Gutters to clean and inspect your rain gutters and downspouts, they’ve made the process as simple as possible.  You don’t need to call them and sit on hold or spend time providing information to one of their employees. Instead, you can go to their website, provide some basic information, and then be given an accurate quote.  That’s all there is to it.

At We Get Gutters they take what they do seriously.  They understand how important the rain gutters on your house are.  They also understand just how dangerous an ice dam is and how much damage it can cause to your home.  If you are concerned about the possibility of an ice dam forming in your gutters the only way to alleviate those concerns is to eliminate the conditions that lead to the formation of an ice dam.  That means you need to hire someone that you can trust to clean and inspect your rain gutters, which means that you need We Get Gutters™.

3 Ways to Save Money On St. Louis Gutter Cleaning

We frequently get asked by St. Louis homeowners how to save money on their gutter and downspout cleaning. There are ways to save on gutter cleaning that every property owner can take advantage of that does not require investing in gutter guards or doing it yourself.

1. Proper Gutter and Downspout Maintenance: Keeping your gutters and downspouts in top shape is one of the best ways t save money on cleaning. If your gutters and broken, sagging, or falling away from the side of your house they will be more expensive to clean and/or repair. A little prevention can go a long way to lowering your costs. If your gutters are damaged in anyway have them inspected by a qualified gutter installer or roofing contractor to determine what needs to be done to correct them. Having a professional that is knowledgeable and experienced with gutters look at them (and not the lawn care guy) can really isolate what is wrong and how to repair it cost effectively. Common issues include having gutters that are pulling away from the roof line, damaged downspouts, and having loose or leaking end caps and joints.

2. Have Your Gutters and Downspouts Cleaned Regularly: Regular gutter cleaning is an essential factor in keeping your gutter cleaning costs as low as possible. Gutters that have gone years between cleanings, that are completely full of dirt and debris, or that have areas built up with dirt, seedlings, bird’s nests, rodent nests, and other obstructions will take  longer to clean, require more time and manpower, and will cost you more. Having your gutters and downspouts cleaned twice a year either on a regular schedule or an annual contract will guarantee that no excess build-up is possible. Regular cleaning is essential to not only keeping your gutters functioning correctly but keeping your costs as low as possible.

We’ve found an easy way to remember needing to get your gutters cleaned. Every time you change your air conditioning filters (again twice a year, generally in the spring and fall ) get a quote and make an appointment for your gutter cleaning.

3. Sign Up for Email Specials: Everyone loves saving money with coupons, sales and specials. The easiest way to stay up on these cost-saving opportunities is to sign up for email specials from We Get Gutters Clean. Signing up is easy and is an automatic part of getting our free online quotes. We Get Gutters Clean sends out a very limited number of special offers each year and they only go out to those who have signed up on our quote form. You can save 10%-15% and maybe more on your annual gutter cleaning costs just by getting a no-obligation quote now.

Gutter cleaning is a chore that is easy to push to end of every homeowner to-do list. We Get Gutters Clean is here to take care of the dirty work for you and let you get back to the more important things in life like enjoying your weekend.

Get started now with our free, no-cost and no-obligation quote for St. Louis gutter cleaning services from We Get Gutters Clean.

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Customers from across the country already know about We Get Gutters Clean and you should too!

“Excellent job on our gutter cleaning this week. From the online quote to the very friendly tech who took care of everything we are super satisfied! Thanks!” Betsy F.

“The best service we have ever hired to work at our home. Thank goodness you’re around!” Margaret A.

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