What Is Included In Professional Gutter Cleaning Services

what is included in gutter cleaning

If your home has rain gutters, you understand the importance of gutter cleaning. Keeping water flowing through your gutters and away from your house can only happen if gutters and downspouts are free of clogs. Many homeowners think about and even try cleaning their gutters themselves and quickly realize why this job is best left to professionals like We Get Gutters Clean.

What’s Included In Professional Gutter Cleaning

While the basics of gutter cleaning are always going to be the same – removing the debris inside the gutter channels and making sure they function correctly, professionals are going to take the extra time and effort to make sure the job is done right. Professional gutter cleaning from We Get Gutter Clean always includes:

  • Clearing the channels and downspouts of all debris
  • Inspecting the hangers and attachments and tightening them where needed
  • Checking the flow of the gutters and downspouts and making minor adjustments
  • Cleaning the roof surface in the immediate area of the roof edge
  • Checking downspouts and their attachments
  • Cleaning up all of the debris from the service and bagging it so it be taken away
  • Taking photos of the work

Professionals must be able to perform the service safely and quickly and often when the weather is not the best as well.

Having the proper insurance and licenses where required is also a part of being a professional in this business. So how do the pros get your gutters clean so quickly and efficiently? Here is more about how they get they go about getting the job done.

Right Tools & Equipment

A homeowner is unlikely to have invested in the extension ladders, safety equipment, blowers, and other tools used by pros to clean gutters quickly and safely. Having the right tools and equipment also makes gutter cleaning safer – though not totally risk-free. Pros will also have invested in tools and trash bags or containers to help with picking up the cleaned out leaves and gunk for disposal.


Being able to quickly determine where there are clogs in your gutters and how best to clear them takes experience with a variety of gutter styles and homes. Experienced pros can also very quickly determine if there is proper flow in your gutters, where there might be leaks or other problems that they will inform you of. A pro is also going to be experienced with safely navigating the obstacles in your yard so they can do the job correctly.

Comfortable Working On Ladders & Roofs

There is little about working while standing on a ladder or on your roof that is physically comfortable – it is demanding and difficult at best. Professionals are not only comfortable with doing this they are comfortable with the risk involved. Professionals will always use the most appropriate safety equipment that the job requires.

Taking Care Of The Extras

A pro is going to notice small things as they are doing your cleaning that they can address immediately. They are also going to be prepared to clean gutter fronts, reattach loose hangers, straighten downspouts, and other tasks that a handyman or homeowner is just going to skip.

Dealing With Gutter Screens & Guards

A pro is going to know how to properly remove and reattach gutter guards and screens for your gutter cleaning. Homes with gutter guards or screens are not free of gutter cleaning – they only slow down clogging at best and may actually cause other obstructions that have to be dealt with instead. A pro is going to know how to deal with them.

The last thing a homeowner wants to do is to hire anybody who is not a professional gutter cleaner, like We Get Gutters Clean – to take care of their regular gutter cleaning needs. The problems and results that can come from hiring a lawn guy or the kid from down the block to do the job can really be terrible. Click or call for a free, no home visit quote today from We Get Gutters Clean – It’s What We DO!

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